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BB Piano
Yet another difficult night with wake ups at midnight, 2am, and 6am, with a proper wake up 9am. This is becoming like a routine, worryingly. I was on the sofa again from either midnight or 2am, but I did sleep a bit, even though I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck.

Again I don't remember what we did this morning. Lu left at the usual time, after 1pm, and then it was just Amélie and I. Initially we stayed in the house, but then we went out into the garden. She only spent a few minutes with the gravel this time, and again wanted to go in my car, twice! She was upset when I took her away. Perhaps I should just take her for a drive? I find it fascinating that she wants to get in the car, so that obviously suggests she enjoys the process of being in it, and wherever we go. I also put her in her trike (I wish we'd bought one with rubber wheels) and wheeled her around the garden, which she loved.

Around 4:30pm I took her for a walk in the pushchair, which was a surprisingly quick 45 minute walk. I might try another walk around another local estate, as I suspect that's further.

And that's about it. Yeesh, my days are getting repetitive.

Lu has suggested that she could go back to nursery tomorrow, so I guess we'll see how she is. All the spots on her face, torso, and arms are either receding or scabbed over. Her back is particularly bad, as is her face. Here's hoping it all fades. Her legs seem to have new spots as of a day or two ago though.


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