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BB Piano
It was another dreadful night with Amélie, so that's 5 or 6 now? Again, following the same pattern. Lu's pretty much at the end of her tether in terms of tiredness. I guess we stick with it for another night or three, and then we'll have to play hardball.

The bonkers cleaner turned up at 9am. She was due at 10am. Lu almost lost it, as she (Lu) was in her pyjamas still, and we just weren't ready at all. Lu said if she does one more bonkers thing then that'll be it, and firing time. She asked Lu and Amélie to her daughter's birthday party, and I said if she (the cleaner) was lovely, great at her job etc. then we would go. But as she isn't, I have zero interest in attending. Bottom line, we're not going. We had cleaners in Brazil (and fired one there also), and it's interesting being an employer, in a very loose sense. You just want someone pleasant who gets on and does a decent job, which is probably no great surprise.

Anyway, Amélie was looking tired, and I'd wanted a drive down the new A3 tunnel, which opened yesterday. So I suggested I take Amélie for a drive so she could sleep, and I could get to see the tunnel. It worked, as Amélie slept within a few minutes. They've only opened the southbound tunnel so far, and after we went through it I could see a huge queue northbound, which presumably still routes on the old road. Rather than sit in a queue I came off at Liphook in the hope I could find some way back to Fleet. Despite living around the area for 30 years my geographical and road knowledge is still pretty dreadful, probably due to my poor memory. The roads were all single track for a few miles, and went through some lovely places (I should have stopped and taken some photos). TomTom continued to tell me to turn back, even with the traffic, but I just followed my nose and eventually found my way to Bordon, and I knew how to get to Fleet from there.

I've always had a slight interest in the A3 tunnel, from the first time the idea was floated, 20+ years ago. When I was doing my Civil Engineering degree I hoped they would start construction so I could go and work there, but it was some years later that it finally got going. So that slight interest continued while it was being constructed, up until today and driving through. I took some video going through, just to be really sad...

I got back just before lunch, and Amélie woke straight up when I took her out the car. Bonkers cleaner had gone, thankfully. We had lunch, and Lu and Amélie left just after 1pm as per usual.

I slept until after 4pm, as I had the chance to catch up. Despite being a daytime sleep I felt really refreshed, awake, and positive afterwards. I had to pop down to the local supermarket to get some essentials. I would have walked, but there would have been too much to carry, Then it was time to clean the kitchen, wash up, and prepare dinner. Lu and Amélie arrived home at the usual time of 6pm. Apparently Amélie took her trousers off at nursery, a first, so this might be the start of the stripping phase.

Amélie fell asleep within minutes of coming home, and hasn't woken up since., and she just woke up. I've been attracted to the Vanilla Sky soundtrack playlist for the last couple of days, which happens on and off, so we started watching the film post dinner. I made it 90 minutes or so in, but we've now switched to Small Teen, Bigger World. This is a 4 episode series on BBC3 about a teenager who has restricted growth, as does her Mum. She's had a heck of an interesting life, and is also just a very nice mature person. Lu and I have really enjoyed the series so far, and we had a real blub during the first episode.

The only plans for tomorrow afternoon are job hunting, website work, and possibly a walk. I had a slight temptation to go and see Captain America, but I know I'll find it average at best, so will save my money. I think there are at least a couple of vaguely good (potentially) films out in the next few weeks, so I'll save my time for those.

I was thinking about us all going to Birdworld on Saturday. They've opened a new area, and Amélie is old enough I think to get something from all the animals. Plus we've got a discount leaflet somewhere. Failing that we could go to a National Trust place, or just anywhere that Amélie can have a bit of a run about. it could even be The Vyne again, as I like it there lots. It's Music in the Meadow on Sunday, as with a lot of Sundays during the Summer. We've yet to go this year, so will probably try and go to that if nothing better comes along.

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Bird World take payment in Tesco Clubcard rewards tokens - http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=57

You'll need to order them in advance, though, so probably too late for Saturday.

Ta! Will bear in mind for next time (assuming we go tomorrow!).

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