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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
In public news...

Had a so so night after Amélie's crying yesterday. I think she woke up at 4am, and then at 6-7am. So there wasn't the becoming-usual midnight wake up at least.

Anyway, after lots of indecisiveness yesterday and this morning about what to do today, I decided that as we hadn't been to Hever Castle before we should go there. Upwards and onwards with new stuff! I dropped a text message to Ed & Ana to see if they were free to go as well, albeit a touch last minute, but Ed rang back to say they were busy looking at new houses.

The drive to Hever was straightforward, and we arrived just after 10:30am. The castle doesn't open to 12pm, so we walked through the gardens, and let Amélie stretch her legs. Amélie can be a struggle when walking, as she just decides to go in a certain direction, and often refuses to do anything different. If we pick her up, to get her to walk in a different direction, she'll get all upset. If we're lucky she'll eventually change her mind and walk in the direction we need. Even so it didn't matter much as we weren't in any rush, and it was nice just to walk around with her in a big and relatively safe area.

We had lunch at 12pm as I was famished. We got to the castle just after 1pm, but there was a long queue and we wondered whether we'd get to the jousting in time for a decent seat. So instead we went to the jousting area and let Amélie have a further run around. The jousting itself was great. We had a great spot, but I had to stand to take photos due to ropes at waist height sectioning off the area. A few minutes in a lady came over and asked if I could sit down, as I was blocking their view. I was a bit miffed, as it meant a struggle to take photos, and I had been standing the whole time, but everyone was sitting down :-( I couldn't sit still anyway as my legs hurt if I sat for too long in one position, so I ended up kneeling to take the photos at the end.

We went back to the castle after the jousting to an even longer queue, but we wanted to see it. Hever Castle itself is almost like a toy castle, as it's very small albeit beautifully formed. It's also very cute inside, but I rarely enjoyed the insides more than the outside, and Hever was no exception. Lu and I somewhat steamed through the various rooms, which seemed to be full of German teenagers (presumably on a field trip).

Lu and Amélie were tired after this, so we decided to go home. We stopped for fish and chips at the local place on the way back, and I spent the last few hours either editing photos or being with Amélie, mostly the former I will admit. Lu went to bed at 9pm, after Amélie was woken up while with Lu when Ana phoned. Lu left Amélie with me while she went and had a shower before bed, and I've just successfully put her down to sleep (without any crying! Which won't last I'm sure). Amélie must be very tired, as she's never walked so much.

I'm not sure exactly what the plan is tomorrow. When I spoke to Ed this morning I also asked if they wanted to come and see Music in the Meadow in the afternoon, and perhaps meet for lunch first. He said he would call tomorrow. Ana called this evening (as already mentioned) and said they were taking Tom swimming in the morning, and asked if we wanted to join them. I'm not entirely sure what Lu said, but it seemed confused. I'm not sure Amélie can go swimming anyway, as she's still covered in chickenpox scars, albeit they've faded lots. I think it would be best not to go in case there's any problem for her, or anyone else.