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BB Piano
I forgot to post my favourite pictures from yesterday at Hever Castle. I took a load of photos, but managed to cut them down somewhat. Most of the jousting pictures needed cropping to get the best from them, so the edit and upload took a good couple of hours. I used my Tamron zoom lens for most of the jousting, and it was pretty good I thought.

I'll stick my favourites from yesterday behind a cut, so as not to overload this entry with photos.

Lu & Amélie

^Amélie on the move.

Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

^Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at the start of the jousting. I just got a comment from the guy who played Henry VIII on the photo :-)

Red Knight

^Hard to choose between the jousting shots, but this one's full of energy and I like it.

I felt very tired this morning. I didn't go to bed until 1am due to job hunting and website work. I had to give up partway through the website work as I was too tired to continue.

Amélie didn't go to bed until 10pm, as mentioned yesterday, and she woke first at 4am. She then slept on until 7am with us.

I was really tired this morning, and could easily have slept on. Somehow I managed to stay awake though, helped by Lu and Amélie not giving me any peace.

We had lunch at the local Harvester, and then briefly stopped off at home to get some chairs to take to Music in the Meadow. It was a particularly good band today, playing Motown hits. Ed, Ana, Tom, and Ana's Mum joined us right from the off. Mum and Dad joined us just after 4pm. Kudos to Farnham Town Council for organising such a great, regular, and free event.

We all packed up when they finished at 5pm and headed home.

Again we were all really tired and had a snack dinner. Amélie was so hungry she was putting handfuls of food into her mouth just to keep up with her appetite (and she had a snack, and various mouthfuls of ice-cream during the afternoon).

Lu tried to put her down around 7:30pm, but despite almost dropping off she just woke up again. She was so full of energy she was jumping all over Lu, running around the living room and kitchen etc. I took her up after 8pm, but she refused to just lay down and relax in the cot. She would keep standing up, cry, and then try and get out of my arms when I laid her down. In short, she was just being incredibly difficult and not showing any likelihood of sleeping. This was pretty much the last straw over the last few nights, so I decided it was a good time to leave her to cry it out. Lu wasn't very happy about it, and neither was I, but I was trying to take onboard all the advice I've been given which points towards trying this technique. Most of the time she stayed standing up and crying, but after about 15 minutes we could see her eyes closing, despite still standing up. At pretty much dead on 20 minutes she just lay down and immediately went to sleep. Hooray!

I still feel bad about letting her cry for so long, but what else can we do. I now know to use this when she needs to go to bed. Not sure what to do when she wakes up during the night though... I guess we have to choose a cut-off time at which point we bring her in to us, or take her downstairs e.g. 6/7am.

Lu and I will be going to bed shortly I suspect. We're knackered!

Tomorrow morning I need to go and pick up my headphones. I had a card through the door for an attempted delivery yesterday morning *facepalm* Mum will come over mid-afternoon tomorrow, as I don't have to sign on. I'm assuming there will be a walk with steveeeee late afternoon.

There's nothing else planned for this week, although it's the usual three weekly build up of website work that I need to get done.

Some of my favourite photos from today...

Music in the Meadow

^Ana's Mum, Ana, Tom, Lu and Amélie.

Tom & Ed

^Ed & Tom.

Sunglasses Tom

^Tom wearing Ed's sunglasses. Love that lens flare.

All 16 photos from today are here at Flickr.

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I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, so pls forgive me if I have.

I went to visit one of my friends when her daughter was one and a bit and she put her to bed at 7pm and that was it until 6am. I was kinda surprised and asked her how she'd got her to sleep through so well and she pulled a face and said they'd shut her door and ignored the crying. She said it was awful and they'd hated it, but it was the only way to retain their evenings and their sanity as parents and their daughter became used to it in the end.

She's now a very well-adjusted 9 year old, so I guess it does work if you can stand it.

I'm wondering if this is what we'll have to do. She was up at 4am and we brought her into our bed... :-(

Thanks for relating the story, that does help affirm it could be the right thing to do :-)

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