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BB Piano
So there was success getting Amélie to sleep by herself last night, but she woke up at 4am and Lu brought her into our bed. Was that wise? I'm not sure Lu can face the idea of letting her cry between a fixed set of hours, but my mind is swaying to it. I think we'll have to if she continues to be difficult.

The problem for me was that I just wasn't sleepy until gone midnight. Then I had the wake up via Amélie at 4am, and from that point onwards until Lu and Amélie went downstairs I had to sleep on a knife edge (about 30cm of bed). So in short I didn't really get much sleep as I was constantly waking up. Amélie seems to move a lot in her sleep as well, and she has feet like little pistons that typically end up digging into my rib cage.

The morning was a bit rubbish as I was so tired. I went off to the Post Office to collect my headphones, and took Amélie with me. The headphones seem pretty much as expected (the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Bemusingly they're still showing on Amazon's site for 3x the price I paid). The sound's a bit tinny, but I didn't expect an awful lot for the price. Really I just want them for getting to sleep, and possibly for walking/cycling (like I'm ever going to do the latter).

I started to develop a chronic headache mid-morning, with nausea and aches and pains. Thankfully paracetamol seemed to call a halt to it, which is unusual but I wasn't arguing. Lu went off to work after 1pm, and it being Monday I was on parental care duties.

Amélie was a complete joy to look after this afternoon, making the day a particular delight in combination with the fantastic weather. Around 2pm I got a call from an agency, so had to talk on the phone for 10-15 minutes. I kept an eye on Amélie, but she was running around the kitchen, dining, and living room talking her usual 18-month old jibber jabber. I didn't notice initially, but she picked up one of her squeezy baby meals. She put the meal up to her ear, holding it just like a mobile phone, and started imitating me while saying things like "yes", "oi" ("hi" in Portuguese), and a whole bunch of her conversational toddler talk.

She has done the phone imitation many times before, but it was the fact she seemed so serious, and she was doing it for 10+ minutes! She was also walking around the kitchen, dining, and living room the whole time, gesticulating with her right hand. She seemed like a mini stockbroker, and I was trying to suppress laughter while on the phone to the agency.

Mum (and Dad!) came over around 2:30pm, and we had a lovely chinwag, whilst getting further entertainment from Amélie. She's still shy for a bit when Mum arrives, and was even more so today with Dad. After 30-45 minutes though she relaxed a bit, and particularly when Mum gave her a present in the form of a wooden jigsaw in the shape of a duck. We also sang round after round of Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes. Once we finished the song she would immediately put her hands on her head again and sing "Headssssssssssss!" (although it sounds more like "Hesssssssssssss!") to start again. I sang the song extra fast, which had her in fits of giggles.

Mum and Dad took Amélie for a walk around 4pm, and steveeeee arrived around 4:30pm. We set off for another walk around Yateley Heath Woods. I really love it there as it reminds me so much of Alice Holt. The conversation started with kitchen lighting, and I quickly bored steveeeee to death with the topic of contracts. If I can ever get off my backside it would be a great place to cycle, although some arsehole is continually leaving tree branches on the path, presumably to dislodge cyclists.

Once I was back home it was a few more rounds of Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, and then Mum and Dad headed home. I made a start on dinner, not helped by my kitchen assistant, in the form of Amélie. She's fascinated by preparing the meal, and often asks to be picked up so she can watch what's going on. I of course explain to her the various steps, for what it's worth. I am becoming a master at one armed cooking.

After dinner I gave Amélie a bath, as she'd already gone upstairs as part of her usual rambling around the house. Lu then gave her a feed and she went off to sleep straight away. I felt very tired, so lay down on the sofa. The next thing I remember was Lu telling me to go to bed as I had fallen asleep, after 9pm. Unfortunately Lu woke me up at 10:30pm when she was getting ready for bed, and within a few minutes I was wide awake. So here I am at the computer hunting for jobs (and writing blogs). I was debating whether to do some more website work, but I'll probably go downstairs, watch TV, and relax as I'll have plenty of time to do that tomorrow.

Today is my 6 month unemployed-i-versary, not a particularly brilliant milestone, but a milestone it is. I'd applied for 305 jobs up to and including yesterday. I'm on 312 already by close of play today. Things have picked up slightly in terms of suitable jobs, but it's still somewhat slim pickings. My guess was that the volume of jobs advertised would drop off, with the summer holidays, but so far the volume is much the same. It's the jobs that match my experience which there seem to be less of, for the moment at least.

So as mentioned it's website work tomorrow afternoon, although I'd prefer to be outside as much as possible based on the forecast.

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So there was success getting Amélie to sleep by herself last night, but she woke up at 4am and Lu brought her into our bed. Was that wise?

Yeah, don't do that :)

Lu just can't bear to leave her there. And it tears at my heartstrings as well, although I think I could manage it (from an it's-all-for-her-own-good perspective).

Congrats about getting Amélie to sleep but seriously, if you don't want her sleeping with your when she's 5, you need to stop it NOW.

If you can persuade Lu... ;-)

Awww @ Amelie doing the phone thing. I remember seeing my cousin do this at a young age and she perfectly mimicked my Aunt.

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