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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
Just testing a theory...

What is your favourite season?

I don't have a favourite
I'll comment

Which season is your birthday in?


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My birthday is in November, (with a username like this, did you doubt it?) which is probably the shittest month to have a birthday in, but I am open to discussion on this one and if anyone else feels that they were born in a shitter month, please feel free to present your case!

25th December seems to be the ultimate sucky day to have a birthday, for those who celebrate of course.

I seem to have cocked up the poll creation as well, with a fairly fundamental mistake in the second question. Oh well, it just means I'll have to look at the answers in detail to test my theory...

(Deleted comment)
Oh that's entirely understandable - allergies are rubbish. I've only once had severe hayfever, about five years ago when a rogue cloud of pollen drifted over from Scandinavia. It was hellish all week (I live in East Anglia) and then I went to stay with my bf in North London that weekend and it lifted very quickly. Nasty stuff so you do have my understanding on that front.

Mine's the 20th. I don't know about you but I always get a weird array of birthday cards as the shops are stuffed full of Christmas cards. Having worked in WH Smith for three Christmases, I know they put a huge number of their regular birthday cards to make way for the mountains of Christmas stock.

The worst thing about it for me is that my only brother's birthday is June 1st and he gets to have birthday barbecues. I would LOVE to have a birthday barbecue and enjoy a nice warm drowsy evening in the outdoors on my birthday, getting nicely drunk with good friends without freezing my back end off. In fact, I'm considering bringing my birthday celebration forward three months to do so!

BTW - are you a St Andrew's Day baby? I'm a St Edmund's Day baby!

It could be quite difficult to determine in which season your birthday falls - i.e., is March Winter or Spring? When does Autumn 'begin' and 'end'? Not trying to be difficult; I'm just curious...

I guess most folks have a fairly clear idea in which season they feel it falls in. It's easy for me though: June :-)

Ah, but I'm June too, and whilst it does indeed include 'Midsummer', I've also seen it referred to as 'last Spring'. Summer holidays don't start until July... ;)

Instead of celebrating your birthday in December why don't you celebrate your HALF birthday. Either that or ADD it as a celebration day. That's what a lot of kids do who have summer birthdays here and don't get to see their school mates to invite them to the fete.

I think it's a perfectly good excuse to throw a BBQ, don't you?

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