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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
We had power cuts in the wee hours, from around 4am. Amélie went to bed late (9:30pm) but ironically she didn't wake up with any of the alarms (tripped by the power cuts) and slept until 6am. That's the first sleep through for a fair while (months?). Her sleep stats are interesting, and I've got a few weeks of data now. The least she's slept of a day, including naps, is 9.5 hours. The most she has slept is 13 hours. Typically she seems to sleep around 11 hours. For her age the average appears to be more around 12-13 hours, if I recall correctly.

Lu went to the doctors and had an appointment at the bank this morning, so I was with Amélie by my lonesome for most of it. We couldn't go out, even into the garden, because of the pouring rain, but it's nice that things have cooled down a bit.

Amélie was pretty tired all morning, but I got the feeling she wasn't going to sleep, and I didn't want to encourage it once it got past mid-morning. Lu and Amélie left at 1pm as per usual, and apparently Amélie fell asleep in the car within a few hundred metres. She then slept an hour at nursery.

I was trashed from all the disturbances during the night, albeit power cuts rather than Amélie for a change, so I ended up crashing for a couple of hours from 1pm. I was job hunting after that, but it was very slim pickings again. I applied for two jobs, and then realised I had applied for one of those before. I can feel my spirits sinking again, especially after all the noise made by the agencies (not that I got my hopes up per sé), but it's just the usual case of keeping at it... and I'll keep at it.

The nap at least left me feeling positive about other things, and if I'd had the time I would have tidied up and "defragmented" my cupboard. The cupboard is probably the only untidy thing in the house, that belongs to me at least. I've noticed that once I get going on something I am much more likely to move onto something else, and something else after that, as happened yesterday. So if I can just get going doing one thing...

My weight seems to be creeping up again, although I've had my good and bad days pretty much as per usual. I need to try my cycle shorts on, with a view to finally getting on my bike. What's the betting they still fit? If I can find them, as they've been knocking around various parts of the house for the last 2-3 years. And then I have to find my SPD cleat shoes.

And I think that's pretty much it for today. Nothing out of the ordinary happening tomorrow.