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BB Piano
Amélie slept through again last night, well from 8pm - 5:30am at least. Ironically again there was a different kind of wake up in the wee hours, this time a nightmare. It was one of the worst nightmares I can remember for a very long time, and like the most violent gory film you can imagine... only I was in it! Whether this was from watching True Blood earlier in the day I'm not sure, but True Blood was a kid's film compared to this. The film analogy isn't a great one, as this didn't feel like a film, and was essentially reality at the time. Anyway, suffice to say it was bad enough that it woke me up, which is also very rare, around 2am. It took mean hour or two to get back to sleep.

It didn't help that we went to bed around midnight last night, so I was really tired when Amélie woke up (3-4 hours sleep by my count). Lu took the early shift to 7:30am, and then she went back to bed and I took over.

Lu was off early to work today (11am) as she had a meeting she wanted to attend, and there was also a BBQ lunch organised by her company. Amélie slept from 10am - 12:30pm anyway, and I joined her by napping for some of it. I gave her lunch as soon as she woke up, and it was another of those slllllllllllllllllllow feeding times. Then it was off to nursery a bit after 1pm. I popped into Sainsbury's on the way home to support my nectarine habit.

I came home and felt at a bit of a loose end. I did some job hunting, and started to feel very despondent about that. I'd had a call from an agency this morning about a job I'd applied for in Fleet. Except the job had apparently been filled, and he was looking for someone to fill a job in Milton Keynes. Probably the best investment an agency could make is a map of the UK, although I suspect it still wouldn't help. Even more stupidly, the job in Fleet was advertised yesterday, so the whole thing smelled of bullshit.

Generally speaking they say to prepare for the worst but hope for the best, which seems to sum up my whole job situation, at times anyway. I am mostly ever hopeful that I'll find something, and equally I have done the necessary preparation if I don't. But today was one of those getting-me-down days, despite finding 5 or so jobs to apply for.

Once the job hunting was done I tried setting up a game I'd bought for a couple of pounds, Original War. It dates from 2001, but a Steam friend had strongly recommended it as one of the best RTS games still, and I love a good RTS game. I'd had problems running the game yesterday, and was getting an error on startup. I tried various things to fix the error, but no dice. Said Steam friend had even uploaded his version of the game, so I tried installing that and still the same error. He then spotted a post from one of the programmers still maintaining the game, and that it specifically required DirectX 9 installed. So I installed it, rebooted, and voila! It worked. I only played the game briefly, as my mind was wandering and I wasn't in the mood.

I'm on a Star Trek Enterprise kick at the moment (I can't remember if I mentioned this already). I happened to stray across the last episode of Season 2 on some channel on Sky, and as it was a cliffhanger episode my curiosity was piqued as to what happened in the next episode. I watched TNG avidly, but got bored with DS9 - I think I prefer the exploring vibe. I enjoyed Voyager, but failed to watch it all in sequence for some reason (life got in the way I suspect). I think I rectified that some years ago, perhaps while in Brazil. I didn't like Enterprise much when I first watched it, but it feels like they hit their stride with Season 3 (if you can get past the awful titles - both music and graphics). It's supposedly fairly common that TV series hit their stride in the third season, as they work out the bugs and the characters gel together. Season 3 isn't entirely without its faults though, and a couple of episodes so far have been a mix of dull and cliché. Of course the beauty of this being non-current TV is that I can watch episode after episode, which I think is often a far better way to watch a TV series anyway - you don't forget what has happened, and it gives you a markedly different perspective. Anyway, I'm up to episode 16, which curiously *is* an episode I've seen before, or at least the only one I can remember having seen before - again an episode I must have strayed across randomly at some point in the last few years.

I didn't watch much of Enterprise today anyway, as my mind was still wandering. So I ended up napping part of the afternoon, again. Self discipline fail. Perhaps I should just give in to my lack of self discipline, rather than trying to fight it all the time and mostly losing. And maybe I'm just being too hard on myself.

Lu and Amélie were back home at 6pm, but I was a complete failure in the dinner stakes, primarily because we've only got two things in the freezer, and I didn't fancy either of them much. So I headed off to the fish and chip shop, although we were good again and shared one portion. An entire portion of fish and chips leaves me feeling satisfied but ill, if you know what I mean. I ought to focus on adding some more recipes to my repertoire, as currently the fortnight always includes risotto, bolognese, salmon, and burritos, with the odd snacky thing thrown in to fill the rest of the days e.g. pizza, jacket potatoes. Part of the problem is I love all the things on that list, and just don't have the desire to learn to cook anything else. I suspect I'm a creature of habit. At least it's not all unhealthy.

Lu has already taken Amélie up to bed, although of course we have no real plans for the evening.

At least the weekend is busy, even if it's pretty much with Lu's friends. Tomorrow morning we're off to the Spectrum early for swimming with Ed, Ana, and Tom. That should be interesting, as I don't remember having been to the Spectrum swimming pool before, although I have been at least ice skating and bowling there. It will be interesting also to see how Amélie finds it. Following that we apparently have to go present shopping as we're then going to an informal wedding from the early afternoon onwards, also with Ed, Ana, and Tom. I'm not quite sure what an informal wedding entails, but here's hoping they don't mind T-shirts.

Sunday afternoon we have a birthday party for one of Lu's friends kids, somewhere in Reading. Lu wants me to go. Ugh.

Lu and I were debating last night whether to have a Summer BBQ or not, as I really fancied a repeat of the last few years BBQS, albeit just the once this year. I managed to get agreement from Lu, despite the cost, so went ahead and setup the Facebook event. Some of you have already been invited, but if anyone here wants to come along then just RSVP here (it's on the 21st). So far we seem to have had date fail anyway, as some crucial folks can't make it. But I suppose even the 21st is a bit last minute, and lots of people are on holiday in August. It looks like a fair few Brazilians will turn up though.