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BB Piano
So it was a dreadful night but *again* not because of Amélie. She in fact just woke up the once at 4:30am, and then slept on until 7:30am. In part it was my fault (possibly) for napping during the day, so I really struggled to get to sleep. I went to bed at midnight, but remember being awake on and off until gone 2am. Lu was also feeling unwell, and I remember being woken up several more times during the night by her moving around.

The plan was to meet Ed, Ana, and Tom at Guildford's Spectrum around 9:30am. We didn't really get up until 7:30-8am, so I knew it was going to be problematic. We did get there eventually though around 9:45am, but I hate being late. Ironically we beat Ed, Ana, and Tom to getting there, but I had warned Ed we were going to be late.

The Spectrum was fantastic. Pretty much all you can ask for in a swimming pool, with slides, a wave machine, and many other various pools for kids. There are also two more adult pools. Both Lu and I also took Amélie on the slowest slide. I was really impressed and had a great time.

It was a bit chaotic when we came out, as Lu wanted to have a proper shower, so I had to look after Amélie. As we couldn't find an empty family change room it made the whole procedure complicated and time consuming. I ended up getting dressed first, then getting Amélie dressed, and taking her to the café upstairs so Lu could get ready. It must have taken a good 20+ minutes for us all to be ready. Somehow we'll have to streamline this next time, but a family changing room would have made a world of difference.

The plan had then been to walk to Guildford's town centre to buy presents for the party we were attending that afternoon. It had started to rain though, so instead we drove to one of the car parks. Ed and I (and a sleeping Amélie and Tom) waited in our respective cars while Lu and Ana went and bought the presents.

From there we went to Ed and Ana's house to wrap the presents, and from there to the party. The party was bewildering, because it was a combined wedding, birthday party, and Festa Junina. I thought the wedding was a joke, but it transpired that it wasn't. Brazilians confuse me at times.

We left after a couple of hours, all in a state of near exhaustion, and headed home. We managed to get a pizza in the oven, and Lu gave Amélie a bath. Amélie's watching some In the Night Garden to settle, and she'll be off to bed soon. I suspect we'll be following her shortly after that, or at least Lu will if I'm being an insomniac. I suspect the swimming has helped tire us out nicely today.

And a handful of photos from today...

Ed & Tom

^Tom and Ed in full Festa Junina get up.


^Amélie, looking worryingly like a little girl, more than a baby/toddler.


^And a rather lovely flower, that I used as a colour comparison between RAW and JPG. Turns out JPG actually is far inferior to RAW, unedited. But still, both filetypes produce slightly dark photos lacking colour, compared to what my Mark 1 Eyeball saw.

All 19 photos from today are here at Flickr.