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TV Amused to Death
Last post from me today, I promise! (Although is there anyone left on LiveJournal?! Well 3 or 4 of you at least)

I meant to blog about the Small Teen Bigger World series, which Lu and I finished watching last night.

I strayed across this BBC3 series via luck more than anything. I saw an advert (and I very rarely watch scheduled TV), thought it looked interesting, and set Sky+ to grab it. I think I mentioned the background before, but it follows a teenager, Jazz. She has restricted growth, as does her mother, Bev. Both Jazz and Bev are quite simply lovely, honest, down-to-earth people that have overcome various hardships, including society's perception of them.

Jazz's father, Paul, was a heroin addict, and his habit was so bad when Bev was pregnant that she decided to cut him out of her life before she gave birth. Jazz decides to make contact with her dad during the filming of the programme, and it transpires that despite living on the streets for 10+ years, with a heroin addiction, he has started a methadone/rehabilitation programme and his own flat. She decides to meet him.

I did touch on this before, but the series continued to grab Lu and I in a surprising way. I suspect because it was simply about real people overcoming serious adversity. This wasn't the usual reality TV about people who go on to become Z-list celebs. This was about a positive and optimistic family. Also it was both fascinating and awful to watch the detailed effect of how drugs can ruin the lives of people. It covered this in a way that so many other programmes fail to.

Anyway, in short it was a really great series, and kudos to Jazz and Bev for letting their lives be filmed. Lu and I want a Jazz and Bev channel!

(It would be difficult to recommend it, because everyone's experience is so different, and it's hard to forecast how that will connect with what you like. For us at least it was the perfect antidote to so much of the junk on TV.)