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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
A quiet day today.

Despite last night's post, Lu couldn't get Amélie to sleep at 8pm. It wasn't until around 9:30pm that she was finally under. Then she woke up at 5:30am this morning, and wouldn't go back to sleep. Ugh. I stayed with her downstairs from 6am onwards, but Lu couldn't sleep so came downstairs as well.

She then had a long nap from around 10am to after midday.

Then it was a wait until just before 4pm when Lu headed off to the birthday party in Reading (with Amélie). Lu's not been feeling well, but she's been taking antibiotics for a (very) sore throat. I know the last time I took antibiotics I felt probably worse than I did without taking them.

Lu and Amélie got back after 7pm, and the latter looks like she's out for the count today, so she's up in her cot.

And that's pretty much it for today. I managed to finish Season 3 of Star Trek Enterprise, and apart from another duff episode (and a total of three?) I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I'm just desperate for something to watch so seeing it through rose tinted spectacles, but I did feel the writing was good, and that's critical to anything film or TV programme. Even some of the characters had flesh on the bones, which is a rare thing in Star Trek (their deep characters don't tend to get much deeper than a puddle in my opinion).

It's a quiet week this week, with just signing on tomorrow. We're debating whether to go to The New Forest Wildlife Park next Saturday, as coincidentally Mum and Dad are house sitting (well, primarily rabbit sitting) at my sister's, which is nearby.