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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
In public news...

Gaming was a bit of a wash out yesterday, sadly. I was playing about as badly as I ever have, and we lost the first campaign fairly astoundingly. Only one person was interested in playing a second campaign, so basically everyone quit after the first campaign. Will be sad if the regular gaming comes to an end, but there's the real difficulty of maintaining interest vs. the cost of everyone buying new games. Anyway, there's some renewed interest for next week, so hopefully it's not the end. Perhaps we've been lucky to last as long as we have.

Amélie went to sleep around 8pm yesterday, but woke just after 4am. After some slight debate we agreed that I would use the Babycentre technique i.e. check she was OK, then leave her for 5 minutes, then go back for 2 minutes, then leave her for 10 minutes etc. She slept after I went back and then left her the second time. A few minutes later she woke up again, but was asleep within a couple of minutes. This happened on and off until 5am, when she slept fully. She then woke about 7am and Lu brought her into our bed, where she stayed until 8am.

I don't remember anything else this morning, short of the cleaner being here. Lu and Amélie left around 1pm. I went off to Sainsbury's to get some odds 'n' ends. They have some of their toys at half price, so I bought Amélie a car park thingy that I've had my eye on for a while (now half price). I came home and built it, and by the time I'd finished it was time to head off to the therapist.

When I got back I had a nap for an hour, and then started on dinner.

Lu and Amélie were back at 6pm as per usual. Amélie was in this weird hyperactive mood, and making this weird screeching/barking noises all the time. She calmed down after dinner and a bath. Now she's watching In the Night Garden after one failed attempt to put her to bed.

I might go to the cinema tomorrow afternoon if anything's on, although I think I checked earlier in the week and there wasn't. Failing that I'll try and be good and go for a walk, if it's not raining.