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BB Piano
In public news...

So there were two failed attempts to get Amélie to bed last night. Eventually after 9pm I took her up and put her in her cot. I stayed in the room with her for a couple of minutes (she was apoplectic as per usual) and then I went downstairs. She fell asleep though within 5 minutes - curiously she drops from a standing position at the edge of the cot to lying down, and she's asleep.

She was up at 6am, and Lu stayed with her until I surfaced. She was clearly tired around 9:30am, but wouldn't sleep with a feed. So around 9:45am I took her up to the cot again, stayed with her, lots of upset etc. After 5 minutes though again she was lying down, but kicking the cot (she kicks the bars, the toys, the mattress... everything!). The kicking went on for about 10 minutes, and then she slept. We had to wake her up at 12:30pm so she could have lunch in time for nursery, but she was pretty good about being woken up and had some lunch at least.

Her appetite has dwindled a bit again, so she's only eating around half what we give her at the moment, depending a bit what it is. She's a complete maniac for pasta, so will typically eat all she's given. A bit frustratingly she's not that keen on vegetables, or things like fish, but at least she eats a bit. Rice is another favourite that she'll eat loads of.

She seems to have changed re. learning words, and now if she's in the right frame of mind she'll attempt to say any word you say to her. She tries "jam" and "butter" when I'm making breakfast in the morning. She's also singing bits of nursery rhymes, such as the "ee-i-ee-i-oh" from Old McDonald. The nursery say her language development is pretty much normal, compared with the rest of the kids. It's certainly fascinating in any event.

Lu and Amélie left around 1pm as per usual. There's bugger all on at the cinema of interest to me so I gave up with that idea for this afternoon. I watched a bit of Star Trek Enterprise (I'm now in the fourth season) and then considered a walk, but the skies looked grey and gloomy (annoyingly though it hasn't rained all day). I did an hour or two of job hunting, and then had a short nap. After that I sorted some computer files, and made a start on dinner. I still need to tackle the wardrobe.

Lu and Amélie were home around 6pm. Amélie was pretty tired, and looking like she wanted to sleep, but we ensured she had some dinner which woke her up a bit. I then took her upstairs for a bath, and Lu's with her now putting her to sleep (in theory!).

I'm taking a risk that BBC Weather is correct, as they say there's no rain due after 10am where we're planning to go tomorrow, The New Forest Wildlife Park. We're going with Ed, Ana, and Tom, and Mum and Dad are joining us as well. I really loved this place the first time we visited, so here's hoping it's more of the same.

The plan for Sunday, again weather depending, is to go again to Music in the Meadow in Farnham. The Panama Café Orchestra are playing, which sounds like my kind of thing (more so than brass bands). I'm liking the variety this year that the Farnham Town Council have come up with. We could perhaps go to the Guildford Spectrum in the morning as well, if that's not too much.