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TV Amused to Death
I forgot to mention earlier that I finished Star Trek Enterprise last night (aside from a fun and still ongoing discussion about it over at Facebook). Technically I only watched seasons 3 and 4, but I remembered seasons 1 and 2 sufficiently not to bother with them.

I wouldn't describe myself as a Trekkie, but I liked The Original Series (more so when I was a nipper), loved The Next Generation (TNG), was less than lukewarm about Deep Space 9, and loved and hated Voyager. I was burned out on Star Trek by the time Enterprise arrived, so watched it in a fractured fashion, and hence missed seasons 3 and 4 completely.

That was to my detriment it seems, as for the most part they are well written with some interesting characters. I'm sure it helped to (a) have a break from Star Trek, as I suspect a lot of people were suffering with Star Trek fatigue and (b) to watch the episodes close together, to get a better appreciation of the story arcs. As always with Star Trek there are annoying characters, but the writing and other characters helped overcome them.

The final episode of Enterprise was a sad mess, to say the least. Rather than feature the Enterprise crew directly it brings back some of the TNG crew! What a snub to those who were in Enterprise. Also it was poorly written and hardly a fitting end, including a character that was killed off in a fairly pointless way. Sad to see Star Trek end this way, if you ignore the reboot. I'm over my Star Trek TV fatigue though, and could probably deal with another (well written) series.

I'm not sure what TV series I can launch into now, whether old or new, but I've got a fair few films and the odd short TV series in the queue. I really need to get back to Breaking Bad as well - I can't remember if I was in season 2 or 3. That's a great series, but heavy going at times.

I'm also tempted to search out some of the films from this Metacritic list of those which critics and "real people" disagreed on most. I've not seen most of the films on it, with the exception of Equilibrium, Silent Hill, and Thunderbirds. The first I found hokey to say the least, the second I thought was pretty good, and the third I don't remember at all.

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Like you I enjoy Star Trek without really being a Trekkie, but I never really got into Enterprise. It was on at a time when I was working 5 jobs and had a social life (ha!) so telly fell to one side

I started watching it with Terry, which is a sad connection based on today's news. I don't remember whether that was at the time it was on or afterwards. Certainly the broadcast dates of the first 2-3 seasons tie in with a really tough time in my life, so it's possible I just didn't notice it was on. Also I think it took until season 3 to get in its stride.

Well I find Fringe enjoyable. Warehouse 13 is a little too camp for me. Sanctuary looks promising but Zoe hates it. Enjoying rewatching Twin Peaks with adult eyes atm and Space 1999 is interesting to dip into occasionally. I tried rewatching Xfiles recently but bored of it too quickly.

I long for stuff from the golden age of TV. Like Quatermass, Sapphire and Steel or old Dr Who. Even more recent stuff like Ultraviolet or KillerNet, though all short lived series help a little. I suspect there will be a long period of drought in the old engaging TV serial department. It costs too much to produce programmes of any quality these days. Mostly because the "stars" demand high salaries.

Of course there's "Where Her Dreams End"...https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154490627911077

I really struggled with Fringe. It was often on a knife edge between enjoyment and not, and often on the wrong side of that as well. It sounds like it might have got better as I noticed it has quite a following of late, albeit it was cancelled.

I tried Warehouse 13, but didn't get very far with that. Not tried Sanctuary. I tried rewatching Twin Peaks a year or so ago, but found it rather odd. Space 1999 I haven't watched for many years. I rewatched the X-Files back when I first met Lu, and we rewatched the whole thing together. It was worthwhile though.

Fringe hasn't been cancelled. It's just about to start its 4th series :-)

Ah OK. For some reason I thought it had been cancelled.

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