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In public news...

It was a dreadful night. Thoughts about Terry were whirling around my head, and I didn't fall asleep until around 3am. The thoughts haven't really ceased all day. I think of Terry and just feel a huge hole, for lack of a better description.

Amélie was up at 5am. Thankfully Lu took her downstairs, so I tried to get a bit more sleep, although didn't get that much.

I got up after 10am, had a shower, and pressed ahead with getting everything ready for the BBQ. This involved a quick trip to the local supermarket to get some ice.

We had a fair few cancellations sadly, as a whole number of people were ill, or had ill kids. I think that meant we had around 10 less people than we were expecting. I tried (and am still trying) not to get too upset about it. Even so, it was a really fun afternoon, and those that turned up more than made up for it.

It was fab to finally meet stegzy and zoefruitcake, and kudos to them for travelling so far to see us! It was also great to meet Duncan and his family for the first time.

Things wound up after 6pm, when the final guests departed. Lu took them to the train station, and I used my last bits of energy to tidy up while she was gone, and of course continued for an hour or two when she was back. The house looks good now, and is pretty much back to normal.

Monday to Wednesday will be fairly busy, somewhat annoyingly. Tomorrow afternoon I have to sign on, and then I have the informal tour of the school a couple of hours after. I will probably go straight to the school after I sign on, as I don't know exactly where they are, and want to scope out parking beforehand. I don't quite know what to wear for an informal tour, but am thinking shirt and smart trousers rather than a suit. Mum will be over to take care of Amélie during all of this.

Tuesday afternoon I'll need to get most of the website work done.

Wednesday morning I have the interview, and I have therapy in the afternoon (assuming the interview is over by then).

Somehow I've got to find time for thorough job hunting during all of this.

I'm looking forward to Thursday when it's all over.

A couple of photos from today...

20,000 Leaks!

^Crucial embarrassing photo of stegzy and zoefruitcake playing 20,000 Leaks via the Kinect :-D


^Random shot of Amélie attacking me with a cup. Came out better than expected.

All 26 photos are here at Flickr, including some of frogs and bubbles from the past few days, as well as BBQ photos.
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