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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
In public news...

OK, I'm struggling to blog because I'm so tired, but there's a stack of things I want to get through. Here goes...

Amélie slept through again until 6am. I think I finally got to sleep around midnight. I am stupidly listening to things on the iPhone while in bed, whereas I really need to make the bedroom a gadget free zone, and focus on sleep. I was actually in bed around 10pm, but listened to a podcast and several episodes of Desert Island Discs. I think I'm trying to stop my mind wandering onto other topics by distracting it, but that's still keeping me away.

Anyway, I got up with Amélie and stayed with her until she had her nap around 10am. Lu still has a really bad cold, and was full of it this morning. When Amélie had her nap I felt exhausted, so napped on and off for an hour or so. I didn't feel very refreshed though.

Mum arrived around 1:30pm. She had only just arrived back from my sister's, due to awful traffic (they had been there for the weekend). I headed off shortly after to sign on. On the way back I went via the school, to check where it was.

Once home I still had an hour until I needed to head off again. The weather was lovely and Mum suggested putting the paddling pool in the back garden. So I filled it with some hot and cold water, stripped Amélie, and put her in there. She had great fun, with a few toys. Like most kids she's fascinated by water, and loves splashing around. I need to be more dynamic with Amélie, but when it comes down to it I just can't think of things to do with her. I need to make a list when I'm feeling more inventive.

After 40 minutes of that I headed upstairs to get suited and booted. I left shortly after that, and Mum got Amélie ready to go out for a walk in the pram. More on the job bit in the upcoming friends-only post.

I arrived back from the relatively brief tour and Mum and Amélie weren't back. So I went from suit back to shorts and T-shirt, and they arrived shortly after. I had a call around that time from an agency I had spoken to in the morning. They confirmed they wanted to interview me, and also put me forward for interview as well. So now I have an interview with the agency tomorrow morning in Guildford, and then an interview with the company near Cranleigh on Friday afternoon. I don't fully understand what the job is, but it's something like running a team of PC repair engineers. Money and commute are bad, but c'est la vie. It's all interviews this week, other than Thursday.

Mum left soon after, with a bag of BBQ leftovers. Lu arrived back with Amélie, and we had BBQ leftovers for dinner as well. I suspect it will be leftovers for a couple of days at least, although I managed to freeze most of the meat. I gave Amélie her bath, followed by the usual routine of an In the Night Garden Episode, a feed with Lu, and then bed half an hour or so ago.