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In public news...

Amélie was up again at her usual 6am. I don't remember much of the morning, but I know she had a nap from 10am - 12pm, when I also had a snooze. In fact I know my snooze extended beyond hers, because she was climbing on the bed trying to take my earplugs out.

After a protracted lunch we decided to go to The Vyne again. I like it there, mostly because Amélie can run about. The problem though is the river, which Amélie could run just right into, if we weren't following her every movement. An even more ideal place would just be acres and acres of closely cropped grass, with no rivers, and probably surrounded by fences.

Lu felt Amélie needed a nap around 4:30pm so gave her a feed, although she didn't sleep. We headed home, and she fell asleep in the car. Lu was tired, so when we got back after 5pm they both went up for a sleep until almost 7pm. I had dinner by myself after 6pm as I was hungry, and made something for Lu as well for when she woke up.

It took until gone 8:30pm for Amélie to finish her dinner, and then I gave her a bath. Hardly an ideal adherence to the usual routine. She's now sitting in front of me watching In the Night Garden.

I may well take Amélie to Birdworld tomorrow, but debating whether to take her for 10am or midday. I suspect 10am would be better. I'm not sure I can handle her and taking photos though, but it will be a lot easier if she's in the pram. Also if we get there earlier it's just easier all round, and we can leave earlier, not miss the feeding times etc. Lu wants to try and finish a photo album that she has to finish before a certain date on Photobox to use up the credit.

My job contract arrived today, on what must have been a very late Saturday post (after 2pm). I can't spot anything unexpected.

A few photos from today...

The Vyne

^The Vyne.


^Amélie in Lu's sunglasses.


^Just about to run down the hill with Amélie.

All 15 photos from today are here at Flickr.
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