The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Film Review: Super 8 (2011)

Super 8 (2011). Written and directed by JJ Abrams. The film is set in 1979, and centres around 14-year old Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney). While out with a group of his friends, using a Super 8 camera to make a horror film, they witness a train crash. The crash appears to have been caused on purpose by a man who then tells them to run, before "they" come and kill them all. For me Super 8 was certainly an interesting film. There's a clear homage to genuine 80s films with kids riding BMXs and using torches a lot, set against the alien backdrop. And it gets fairly close to the likes of ET and Explorers. But something about the whole package, and perhaps the fact we're in the 21st century, leaves it falling short. The film feels a bit unevenly paced as well, with a lot of exposition happening in the last 20 minutes, albeit fairly well written. Still an entertaining film, but not a classic for me. Recommended for fans of science fiction with light action. 4/5 (Good)
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