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BB Piano
In public news...

Another 6am wake up from Amélie. Yet again I've forgotten most of the morning. I know that Lu went out around 10am to see her friend (and new baby). She also went to do some shopping.

Amélie had a nap around 10am, and woke up just after 11am. Lu wasn't back by 12pm, and bemusingly Amélie went into the dining room saying "papá... papá... papá..." (food in Portuguese), so I got us both lunch. I gave Amélie her food first, and she sat there carefully spooning it into her mouth. I had this moment of amazement at both her asking for lunch, and eating it so carefully. It's amazing how much she has changed in 18 months (well, almost 19 months).

Lu came back a few minutes later. She had bought this excellent toy for Amélie, which is a drawing pad that uses a pen which is refilled with water. Essentially it's a piece of material with a blue background beneath it, so when you draw on it with the water pen it turns from white to blue. A very clever and simple idea, and Amélie is really starting to enjoy drawing (or getting me to draw for her).

Any plans for going to Birdworld were abandoned, partly due to the confused morning, but that wasn't a bad thing as the rain was on and off all afternoon. During a very nice spell of sunshine I walked with Amélie down to the local playground. Annoyingly it doesn't have swings for toddlers there, just for kids, yet every other playground on the estate has one toddler swing *facepalm*. Oh well. Most of the things were wet, but Amélie had fun running around and splashing water.

She was a bit more difficult on the way back. She didn't want to leave the playground, and then stopped at various points on the walk home. I didn't blame her at all though, she's just very curious like all kids I'm sure.

Around 3-4pm she started to act tired again, yawning repeatedly and rubbing her eyes, which is unusual. Eventually Lu gave her a feed and she slept again until Lu woke her up at almost 7pm. This was probably a mistake on retrospect, like last night, but equally I think you also have to be somewhat dynamic in response to how kids are.

Lu gave Amélie her dinner, and then I gave her a bath. Even after a couple of episodes of In the Night Garden though she was still full of life, perhaps inevitably. Lu tried to give her a feed, but she wouldn't sleep, so just put her directly in the cot. It took her half an hour or so, but we think she's fallen asleep now - she doesn't cry, but seems restless, and kicks the cot.

We ought to go to bed in the next hour or so, otherwise the fractured sleep routine will continue. Some sense of order will have to return once I start working.

We're off to Mum's tomorrow for a relaxed lunch and afternoon.

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That's an aquadoodle! Finn's getting one for his birthday.

That sounds like it! Brilliant idea :-)

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