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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
In public news...

Usual 6am Amélie alarm clock this morning.

I got her breakfast so Lu could have a lie-in for at least a couple of hours. It was earlier than usual, but she piled away the food, giving up with the spoon towards the end in favour of just stuffing in handful after handful.

During the last few days Amélie has started a new thing, she will point to various parts of either Lu's or my face and we have to tell her what it is. Of course it's a reverse of where she points to parts of her own face, so presumably part of this whole finding her own identity thing, if that isn't overanalysing it.

She has also started biting her hand, sufficiently hard to leave marks. We aren't sure if this is a teething thing.

I'd had another rough night's sleep, so had a nap from 9am, while Lu took Amélie to the playground and the supermarket. Amazingly Amélie didn't sleep in the pram, so had no nap this morning. My nap was fairly rubbish, and I woke up with a sore jaw (more bruxism) and a slight headache. I took some Nurofen to try and catch it.

We headed off to Mum and Dad's just after midday, and Amélie fell asleep on the way. So we all got to eat lunch in peace while she slept on a made up bed (consisting of one of my nephews duvets).

My headache didn't get any better, so I had some paracetamol as well. Within a couple of hours of that I could barely function, with a mix of pains from my head to my stomach (what almost felt like burning pains in the latter), so I made my excuses and lay down on my parents bed for an hour or so. I definitely slept, but again it was a fitful sleep. I don't know what caused it, but I can only assume massive anxiety about tomorrow (it seems like it has been snowballing for days).

I felt slightly better around 5pm so descended, and we headed home. Before I left I grabbed the notes from my MCSA course. They filled two shopping bags! Who knows if they'll be useful in coming weeks. I felt bad about going directly home as I wanted to see my Nan, but I just didn't feel like it at all. According to Mum, Nan doesn't eat much more than a teaspoon or two of food now at each meal, and even that is rare. Instead she has "liquid meals", which contain enough for her to survive on e.g vitamins, minerals, and calories. Apparently she really enjoys them. There's a 110-year old at the home who has apparently lived on these alone for years, so they're not a sign of impending problems.

Subsequent to getting home I have forced some dinner down so I have some strength for tomorrow. I've also completed all the forms I can, except (a) I'm supposed to have a pension form witnessed by two people (more money I'm going to lose from my salary, as it's at least part employee contribution based, although strangely I didn't spot how much) and (b) I need an A4 envelope for the medical form. I'm supposed to take three forms of ID, but cannot find the paper part of my driving license. I expect I won't need it, but I'm pissed off that it's not in the usual place. That suggests it's lost for good. Aside from my passport as well the only other thing I can take is a bill. Of course in this paperless world I don't have any except my credit card. I'm loathed to take that in, but have no choice (it has to be 3 months old or less).

All that's left to do now is iron my shirt for tomorrow. Suit again, which I hate wearing. And I should have bought a new belt, as my current belt is a shade on the small side. Here's hoping I can get some information on the dress code, and they'll let me wear what I used to wear (smart trousers and open necked shirt). Otherwise it will necessitate buying more clothes, probably tomorrow evening! :-(

I feel better now, but I can't tell whether I've just become numb to it all. Here's hoping I get some sleep tonight.

Yes, I know I ought to be more positive. A couple of friends very kindly sent me a "good luck" card of sorts, which really cheered me up. Also lots of family and friends have wished me well for tomorrow. I need to capitalise on that. Part of me wishes I had a 6 months life chapter skip button (clearly I did not learn the moral lesson from watching Click).

I think that's it for today. Amélie is still awake, but will go to bed soon. Amélie's currently "talking" with the MIL on Skype. It's amazing how much she enjoys that e.g. laughing like a drain at noises she's making. She even asks Lu to call the MIL on Skype by saying "vovó... vovó... vovó..." (grandmother). It's great that she's maintaining that connection. There's a slight design issue with the iPad version of Skype though. There's just one huge button for "End Call" which Amélie often wants to press.

And a couple of photos from today...

Amélie Sleeping

^Amélie asleep on her makeshift bed during lunch.

Amélie, Phone & Dolly

^Mum bought Amélie this doll, replete with pram. Here she uses it in conjunction with one of her other favourite toys, Mum and Dad's phone.

All 5 photos from today are here at Flickr.

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Best of luck for tomorrow. I hope that the job is of interest to you and that you'll manage to enjoy it even though I know you're still fretting about the income.

I can't imagine they'd make you wear a suit if you'll have to do anything physical. Did the people who interview you wear fussy clothes?

Thanks. I'll update sometime this evening about the job itself.

Dress code is a shirt and tie sadly during term time, but whatever you want (within reason) during school holidays.

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