The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

In public news...

Amélie was up again around 6am. I stayed with her until around 9am, when I swapped with Lu. I tried giving her breakfast but she hasn't had much appetite today, and didn't eat her Weetabix equivalent (although who can blame her!).

I slept until 11:30am, and then we faffed around during lunchtime. We were due to go to Ed & Ana's, but Lu didn't seem to know what time we were supposed to arrive. We eventually got there around 3pm.

Ed & Ana moved last weekend and their new place is lovely, right in the middle of Guildford now, so great access to the train station (which Ana needs for work) and the town centre.

We walked into town to a shop for kids which also has a tiny hairdressers. It was a bit expensive (£13!) but was very cute. Amélie got a certificate for her first professional haircut, but she was really unhappy about the start (she was trying to get out the chair, poor blighter). Lu also stopped at Primark (Primark in Guildford?!) with Ana, while Ed and I watched over Amélie and Tom in a small playground within The Friary. Several shops seemed to be closed in Guildford, and The Friary was being remodeled as well. Hard times out there clearly.

We walked back and decided to have pizza. Eventually we decided to go to Pizza Express, but Lu and I drove as we knew we would be late back if we walked. It was fun, but Amélie was not happy, so we had to take her out the high chair and run around the restaurant with her. Restaurants are becoming a bit too problematic at the moment.

And now we're back home, and I'm catching up with some TV before the start of the working week. I'm going to start working 8am - 4pm now (technically I can leave at 3:30pm on Friday). Tomorrow all the teachers are giving us their laptops to update, as it's an inset day. I'm in a meeting in the morning, but the two consultants are in to help, as is the work experience student. On Tuesday the server consultant is in during the morning, so I need to get some information from him on the setup, and perhaps a bit of Hyper-V training. It remains to be seen how forthcoming he'll be. On Wednesday the two consultants are back, so it's a sort of last chance to ask a mountain of questions that I have. One of the consultants is back in on Thursday (and will be for the foreseeable future) but they only support the cabling and switches really from this point (not sure that a day per week is really needed for that, so perhaps in reality it will be support for me... the details are not yet clear). Friday I'm by my lonesome again, although the technician will be in all week including Friday.
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