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In public news...

This is the problem with writing a post more than 12 hours after the fact, I forget even more things than usual.

I think Amélie woke up slightly earlier than usual, but then slept on a bit. I somewhat randomly decided to make a start on the spare room, which is just accruing junk. We have two wardrobes there; one of them is full of my stuff, and Lu mostly has the other. It's amazing how much crap you can accrue over the years, and if you have bought CD and DVD after CD and DVD then it's often particularly bad. My wardrobe isn't too badly affected by this though, compared to the boxes and boxes at my parents. What it is full of though is paper. There was a drawer that was just full of "to file" things, along with 4 box files, 4 shoes boxes (yes, shoe boxes), and a crate outside the wardrobe where things were starting to pile up as well. Along with that there were 3 bags of random ancient tech, and other various things. My initial intention had been to go through just the drawer, but it made sense to go through the box files as well, and the shoe boxes. I must have thrown 60-70% of it away, simply because it was things that were no longer needed e.g. instructions for things I don't own any more, or don't care about at least. I ended up with two bin bags full of paper, and another full of miscellaneous tech.

While going through the paper I found the long lost paper part of my driving license (hooray!). I added this to my shoe box of important documents, which I had ironically reduced by 90% due to most of it being either in the wrong place or not needed any more. Next I have to start on the other areas of the cupboard, which are some crates full of cables and other things, and a bunch of cardboard boxes. I'm tempted to throw all the cables away, or at least most of them. I haven't used most of them in 3+ years. I think I was discussing this with Ed or someone the other day, and I suggested that you have a room which you put things in, and if you haven't touched them in over a year then you throw them away. As if we all have a spare room just for doing this...

The rather frustrating thing, having thrown away so much, is that there's no real difference in the wardrobe! The box files still take up the same space, and I've only got an empty drawer, and a couple of less bags of random stuff. At some point we'll have to start using the loft, which will have to be boarded (which we can't afford to do now, and for which the door/ladder hook has mysteriously vanished).

I had lunch slightly after Lu & Amélie as I was finishing off tidying up the mess.

At around 3pm we headed off to Farnham to see Nan. We almost didn't go there at all as we rang the bell for the home three times and it was only answered just as we were walking away. Initially Nan seemed fine, but she was really hard to understand - her voice is often quite croaky, and it was particularly bad. Then after about 10 minutes or so she looked at me in a very odd way and said "I don't remember your name!", followed by, "Oh, I'm so tired", at which point she closed her eyes. Prior to that she had been going on about money, and how somebody or other had taken all her money away. We thought it best to leave as she seemed both distressed and tired. It was fairly depressing all round. My sister had mentioned a few weeks back that she didn't know who Paul was, my brother-in-law, so clearly this is getting worse. To not be recognised by your own Nan? Very odd... awful. More awful for her in a way, not that she really knows what's going on. I asked Lu to shoot me if I ever got that bad. I'm not sure you can consider it living.

On the way home we popped into Tesco Aldershot, to get some essentials that added up to quite a lot. Now it's the battle to try and keep just the spending on bills within what we earn. Grim. Arguably we shouldn't be doing anything or going anywhere now that costs money, although I've booked up to go to the cinema in a few days (I forget exactly when) and we're also going to sing some karaoke in London in a couple of weeks (I'm regretting having raised the idea for the latter, as it involves both booking a karaoke place, and train tickets). My MoT is due in the next 3 weeks as well, as is my car tax, albeit these are budgeted for in terms of savings (assuming my MoT is straightforward).

Annoyingly my amp has started to play up again, and my universal remote is starting to die. Both have served us well, and I would love to replace them, but...

Once home we had some leftovers for dinner. Amélie had been fairly cranky all afternoon, despite snacks, but perked up after dinner briefly before she went to bed. In fact I went to bed before her, just after 8pm (and a cracking Dr. Who), as I was so tired. Unfortunately I was woken up by a nightmare around 2am - something which involved a tick burrowing into my neck. Lovely.

My sister and family are due over later. We've given up with the idea of a BBQ so will have pasta instead. I had sent a text to my nephews earlier in the day to see what they want for their birthday, but Joshua rang up and suggested that they tell us what they want today and we order over the Internet (how efficient!). It can't be anything very expensive, and it's not so long until Christmas...
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