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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I've not done much of an Amélie update, but then it's so hard to spot the overall big changes among the incremental.

Physically she hasn't changed an awful lot, other than just refining her skills. She can now run quite fast, and it's hilarious watching her little legs go. We often chase her around the house, which causes her to scream with laughter. Sleep seems to be her biggest problem at the moment, and I don't think we're helping. She ought to be getting around 11 hours at night, but she's getting a fair bit less. My feeling is she should have a rigid 7pm bedtime, followed by being left in her cot until 6am. She knows she can bend these rules currently, so she does.

Her language continues to develop, and as before if she's in the right mood she'll try and copy any word. She's particularly fascinated when I'm preparing something in the kitchen, whether it's a sandwich or a complex meal. She will demand that I pick her up, and then she wants to follow all that's happening. I point out the different types of food, and she will imitate the word. For example today we had spaghetti, and she did the classic young child version "getti".

She's also fascinated by parts of the body, and has learned to distinguish between parts of her own body and someone else, even a photo, or a doll.

Probably her first three words were "mamae" (mummy), "papae" (daddy), and "mais" (more). With the latter it tended to sound more like "my", although I think was still based on "mais". Curiously in the last few days she has switched from "mais" to "more", which I wonder might be a nursery influence. She doesn't actually say "more" though, she says "mo".

That's all I can remember for the moment.