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BB Piano
Another 5am wake up from Amélie. I badly needed some sleep and Lu stayed with Amélie until around 7-8am. I didn't slept all that well because I'm such a light sleeper and they were making a fair bit of noise downstairs. I eventually had enough sense to put my ear plugs in, and then I slept like the dead.

I got up around 9am and had a shower, then it was prep time for the lunchtime roast. Lu went out to take advantage of the Tesco toy sale (combined with the Tesco card vouchers) while Amélie was napping. Amélie woke up around 10:15am though, and as per usual was fascinated by all the details of me cooking. She wanted to see everything, and would have a huge tantrum if I didn't pick her up, so I had to hold her for most of it, including the washing up.

Ed, Ana and Tom arrived just after midday with everything ready on the table. It was a pretty good roast, even if I do say so myself. The roast potatoes were particularly good, and near perfectly cooked. Wow do I love roast potatoes! A shame they're such a faff. Amélie and Tom played together for a fair amount of time on and off, which is a real change from just a week or two ago. Although Amélie was still a pain when it came to sharing anything with Tom.

Ed and Ana had suggested going to Frimley Lodge Park, which I had never heard of before. We couldn't hang about as we were specifically going to the model train ride there, which closed at 4pm. After slight confusion about getting there we found it, and were impressed! Aside from various sports fields, a reasonably big park, and access to the Basingstoke Canal, the model train ride was huge, with four trains running at the same time. How I could never have been there despite living in the area for over 35 years beggars belief!

We had a couple of rides on the trains, but Ana was tired (she had been working up until this morning) and they all headed home earlier than usual. We stayed for one more train ride, then headed home as well. Amélie has been a bit difficult this weekend although it's not clear why. She was particularly bad when we got home, screaming all the time and just being really difficult to please. Lu wanted to sleep as well, and she wasn't happy about that. Unlike me though Lu was able to sleep on the sofa with Amélie almost screaming next to her ear. Both Lu and I are now very tired, so I suspect it will be an early night. I'm amazed Amélie has only just gone to bed based on how much she was running around today.

I wanted to stay up for Misfits, but it's going to be too late. I've been watching Misfits Season 2 again, albeit in a slightly odd order (I watched one of my favourite episodes, then decided to watch the rest). I dearly love this series. The writing is so damn sharp, the characters are fab (particularly Nathan and Simon), and the music choices are great. Such a rare thing for me in a TV series. Season 2 also really built on Season 1, and is brilliant. Sadly the Season 3 opener did not seem so great, perhaps inevitably because Nathan's (Robert Sheehan) gone, and he was very much the backbone of the series. The replacement character initially seemed really poor, until they threw in the extra dimension of his power. I hope it can reach the heights of Season 2, but I am doubtful.

And three photos from today...

Amélie Horse Riding

^Amélie really throws herself into her toy horse riding. She's a real tomboy at times.

Choo Choo!

^One of the model trains, and my favourite photo from the day.


^Amélie in the park.

All 22 photos from today are here at Flickr.

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Looks nice, might have to take Finn there with his sudden new interest in 'choo choo's.

My immediate thought when there was that you guys and the Olivers would love it! They're sort of closed for a few months now from what I could understand, but open for a Christmas event on the 11th Dec if memory serves. Their website is bound to have more detail: http://flmr.org/pages/Welcome.html

To add, it's the sort of thing I would have loved as a small or even not so small boy (and small girls seem to love it also). I'm amazed my parents weren't aware of it, as it doesn't seem particularly new (but I could be wrong).

Plus there's the rest of Lodge Park, albeit not a lot other than a place to walk.

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