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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
So it's definitely a stomach bug of some description. The weird sensation grew into agonising pain through all my joints, and that horribly familiar churning of my stomach. It reached a peak of please-kill-me-now type pain around 6-7pm, which was nice. So far I haven't thrown up, and I bloody well hope it doesn't come to that. I took some paracetamol an hour ago and have managed to make it downstairs, so Lu and Amélie aren't disturbed for the latter's (somewhat delayed) bedtime. I haven't eaten anything (other than paracetamol) so that demonstrates how serious it is. I also feel freezing cold, and am wrapped up in blankets, but the thermometer suggests this is me rather than a problem with the heating.

In other news...

Paul Merton in India has kept me going through the conscious parts of the early evening. I made it to the end of his wonderful travels in China, and although I'm fairly sure I've seen the India series before I'm still watching it (it's supposedly the best, and the first episode was a cracker). Here's to more serieseses with him going through single countries, rather than his not so great 5ive (is what they're still calling themselves?) effort.

Curiously Amélie seems to have gone from a "yes" to "no" phase. It used to be that she would say "yes" to more or less any question you asked, but now it's "no". Does this suggest she's taking more control of what she does?

If only the school were using VMWare instead of Hyper-V. I've had several cracking jobs (salary-wise) pass me by because I know little about it.