The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

And a handful of photos from the last couple of days...


^I'm on a mission to try and document more food this time, as people often seem to show interest in what Brazilians eat, and this is genuine home cuisine. Of course most if not all of their food is adopted from other countries (unless you include Native Indians). This was yesterday's lunch, which was pressure cooked beef wrapped around vegetables and secured with cocktails sticks, with the inevitable rice and beans (a Brazilian staple). Lu's Mum is often semi-jokingly worried that it's too "salgado". This translates literally as savoury, but she's mostly referring to it having too much salt for a "gringo".

Shoes and Sunglasses

^Lu bought some new shoes on Saturday, and Amélie spent a fair while yesterday "clip clopping" around in them, along with wearing them on the wrong feet. I don't know how she maintains her balance as these also have fairly large heels. I'm letting her do it as long as she doesn't fall, which she hasn't yet.

University Friends

^Lu's university friends. Very lovely people, which I wish I could understand better!

All 14 photos from this latest set are over at Flickr.
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