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The Stainless Steel Rat

So where are we... Thursday already?! This "holiday" is already starting to fly.

Yesterday was another wasted day, if you call sitting around and relaxing being wasteful. We had the same problem as per usual that Amélie fell asleep right at the time when we could have gone out. I did manage to sunbathe, but I'm taking it sloooooooooooowly (a couple of 30 minute sessions) so I don't I end up with sunburn, again.

We flirted with the idea of going to a new shopping centre that has opened close by in Mooca (Mooca Plaza Shopping), and looks rather lovely (it has an Adidas Shop, and Burger King! Although rumour has it that Burger King hasn't opened yet). But it was left too late, and I really wanted to get to StudioBar when it opened at 6pm. I then had second thoughts that it probably wouldn't open at dead on 6pm, this being Brazil, so we got there late. Surprisingly there was already a group there, but only the owner was singing when we arrived.

We had dinner there, which was relatively cheap. I started on beer and switched to margaritas, to try and get my "singing talent" to flow; the drinks weren't so cheap sadly, but Brazil is getting so expensive with the crap exchange rate. In terms of music I started with Coldplay's Paradise and Every Tear, but neither worked particularly well for some reason. I then switched to Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb, Us and Them, and Hey You... the latter worked surprisingly well) mixed with other tracks such as Genesis's No Son of Mine (which was also fab), Deacon Blue's Dignity, David Bowie's Absolute Beginners (a cracking track), and Queen's Days of Our Lives (another cracking track). Boy do I love singing, I really really really enjoyed myself.

About an hour or two in a group of "serious" karaoke folks turned up, which slowly grew as the night went on, along with the lovely Carlos (a long-standing friend of Lu's, who also loves karaoke, and who we always invite to the karaoke evenings). Of course it's always a balance of having a reasonable audience, but not one that's so big you hardly get to sing. Last night was just about the perfect balance. I got far drunker than I think I realised, at least to begin with, after switching to caipirinhas, and then back to beer. The last part of the evening was mostly a blur, when we left around 11pm. At one point I was talking to the owner about writing a review for Gringoes, which I must do.

I woke up at 4am this morning feeling fairly dreadful, which only got worse until around 10am when I threw up the small breakfast I'd had, combined with several glasses of coke. Now I'm feeling semi-human again, but I will definitely not drink so much next time.

We're off to the beach today at some point. Amélie has fallen asleep, and Lu is getting her bag ready to go. It seems very likely we will hire a car tomorrow or Saturday, and then use that to drive to Botucatu. Lu's parents have two cars (including Lu's old car), but the other car is so old and unreliable that it can't be trusted for a long trip (it's 3 hours to Botucatu). There was another nasty accident on the local avenue this morning, which was blitzed by TV helicopters.

I'm feeling that siren song of Brazil again, specifically Vila Prudente where Lu's parents live. There's StudioBar, the new metro station, and this new shopping centre, along with Lu preferring to live here, the mostly better weather, and the in-laws. If I could get a really good job (and it would have to be really good, and commutable by metro) I'd consider moving again, crazy fool that I am.

Three photos from the last couple of days...


^An early Christmas present of a tea set+ for Amélie from the PILs. Amélie adores it!

Flip Flops

^Amélie has moved from Lu's high heeled shoes to Lu's flip flops.


^A photo of the karaoke mixing desk from last night. The shot would have probably worked about a 100 times better if the focus was on the desk, but c'est la vie.

All 19 photos from the last couple of days are here at Flickr.
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