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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Brazil Face Flag
So it has been a quiet couple of days, and I've not left Lu's aunt's house at all!

I'm being slowly driven up by the wall by being unable to access my home PC. Back in Sao Paulo city I could at least get onto it, either using LogMeIn or Remote Desktop, but now I'm lucky if I can get the former just to display the desktop, and the latter won't connect at all. Yesterday and most of today it seemed that the PC was disconnecting randomly from the Internet, yet my IP camera is working absoutely fine, so it must be something specific to the PC. As everything was working fine I left Outlook open, but now I can't get on the PC to operate it and close Outlook, so I can't get to email either. In short: aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

I can't get Semagic to login either, so have resorted to posting via the web.

I've started watching Haven. I made it past the first episode, which was quite watchable, but am already bored by the second episode. I can't remember if I mentioned, but I also started watching Burn Notice. It's not amazing, but it's consistent, fun, and watchable. The rest of Lu's family are starting to spend lots more time with Amélie, so I've got some time to myself.

I'm starting to get cabin fever now, but it's that age old issue in Botucatu of what the heck we can do. There are no parks here. About all we can do is go for a walk along the streets, or go shopping (when the shops reopen tomorrow, due to the unofficial holiday today). I really need to do some exercise as it's been a case of eat, eat, eat, albeit not to excess. The one advantage to being in Botucatu is that the weather at least is a bit better than Sao Paulo city.

And that's about it. Here's three photos from yesterday...


^Here's the hamper I got from Lu's aunt, including lollies that turn your tongue blue. A lot of effort must have gone into putting it all together.

Eating the Cat

^Amélie using a spoon to eat Aunt Cida's cat!

That's a Big Moth!

^This huge moth caused lots of excitement yesterday when it landed on Aunt Cida's back, and she almost had a heart attack. It's about the size of a hand.

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Massive moth!

I'm a bit unsure about Haven. We've seen quite a few now, and it makes good moving wallpaper, but I'm still waiting for the dark turn that my mother assures me happens

Have you watched the whole of the first season? It does seem an edge above the usual dross at least.

not yet, we've seen 9 episodes so far

I just can't seem to get much motivation to watch anything atm. I feel rather discombobulated.

That moth is amazing, such beautiful markings!

Yes, it was lovely. It's rare to see a great deal of wildlife here, so it was nice to see something a bit special at least.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Ah-ha! We put a hand behind the window. No-one was getting any close in case it flew away with them :-D

That's a Big Moth!

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