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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Another quiet day yesterday, which poured with rain on and off (Rain! Albeit taken the day before).

I've reached the "10 Day holiday" point (albeit (a) at 14+ days, I can't be bothered to be precise, and (b) this isn't a holiday as such) where things are starting to get boring. I'm missing home, and just the ability to step out our door into a lovely green place where we can go for a walk, go for a bike ride etc. (note: I don't do the latter, but anyway). In fact I'm tempted to go for a bike ride here because (a) Lu bought me a bike several years ago and (b) it's sitting or more specifically hanging in the garage, and looking brand new. I can't go very far though because (a) I'm lazy and (b) I'd only feel safe riding on the small local roads here.

Mum visited my house yesterday and turned the router off and on again. That fixed the completely failed Internet connection and the home PC is noticeably faster over both LogMeIn and RDP. Curiously the house has heated up a degree or two as well, but it seems to be fairly mild at the moment.

Anyway, yesterday was spent mooching around the house either with (a) the Merlins or (b) playing Deus Ex. The latter is still proving to be not quite perfect fun, and is certainly lasting a fair while (I reached that point where you think "is this game going to end soon?") but it's also starting to get repetitive i.e. hack, shoot, hack, shoot. Ammunition is a little tedious as well, as I'm always on the verge of running out but not quite. Actually the inventory is a bit tedious, because it doesn't quite have enough space for all the weapons I would like and feels annoyingly restrictive.

In further computer game news, it was the Steam sale yesterday and there were a couple of excellent bargains (the complete LA Noire and Orcs Must Die) which had to be bought. I also wanted to get Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third, which were both coincidentally discounted as well, albeit not as heavily. I also wanted to get The Binding of Isaac, but missed the boat as it was the last day of the sale and apparently had already been discounted. Oh well, I doubt I'll get the rest of the games finished this year.

There were hopes that we would go to the cinema, albeit the only half decent thing worth watching (emphasis on "half decent") was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. But those hopes vanished as the day wore on and ended up with nobody but me showing any interest in going.

And that was basically it for yesterday. No fixed plans until Thursday, when it's another karaoke session. Fingers crossed it's a quiet evening, although they've been closed over the holidays for a week or more, so there might be a bigger crowd of karaoke addicts there trying to get their fix. We must get there early! I've contacted my boss at the website saying that I can meet up any time between now and Thursday. The weather is supposed to perk up from today, following the damp weekend.

Three photos from yesterday...


^Amélie being fed by Denis...


^... and food delivered


^And almost all the family, but for some reason missing Gisele.

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I guess the central heating needed the router too ;0)

Maybe it's a really hot router. Temp's gone up again today as well. Odd!

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