The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Twas a very quiet day yesterday.

We didn't leave the house, and all three of us had an afternoon nap of almost 3 hours. As already mentioned, I played a bit of Dead Island. I got further during the late afternoon, and am impressed by the game (having started with low expectations). The only frustration now is being overwhelmed with missions, and not being given any clear path on the map. I have no idea how I'll complete the missions without using a walkthrough. Curiously Dead Island seems to be thrashing my laptop, way more than Deus Ex. The fans were whirring like crazy when I closed the game down.

Three photos from around the house yesterday...


^Amélie playing in the "tanque". The tanque is a hard wearing sink that's normally outside of a Brazilian house, or in a utility room. It's used for washing things like shoes, or things you wouldn't want to wash in the kitchen sink etc. Lu's incredulous that we don't have them in the UK. Of course you can have them outside in most of Brazil because it never reaches freezing.


^One of Amélie's current obsessions is brooms and the like. She'll spend almost hours just brushing or scrubbing things. I took this mostly though because of this romper suit - I love the colours!


^Probably our last pizza last night, from the local pizzeria. Lovely!
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