The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

I have been in a very mixed mood today. This morning I was in a miserable mood, not helped by an increasing lack of sleep (I'm not sleeping well at night, and not catching up sufficiently with naps/siestas), missing some home comforts, and some other factors.

Lu wanted to take Amélie to Cidade da Crianca, so off we went. That cheered me up quickly, once I got into the swing of things. Amélie absolutely adored the place, which is a mix of small theme park and funfair rides. Almost all were suitable for her. I'm surprised there's not somewhere similar in the UK, although Brazil has somewhat more relaxed health and safety (thankfully!). Amusingly Amélie was as interested by the rides as a huge pile of gravel, and a number of other distractions.

We had lunch there, which was a fairly average hamburger, with cannelloni for Amélie. The later ate the sauce and a few chips, but none of the pasta.

The hot weather has returned, and it was stinkingly hot at lunchtime. I took plenty of care with suntan lotion this time, so no burning (yet!).

Since coming back "home" my grim mood has returned.

And three photos from today...

Amélie & I

^Amélie and I.


^Amélie on one of the rides. She undid the seatbelt her self, and then kept showing us as the ride went round and round.


^Amélie on a trampoline. Unfortunately the most she did was run across it, not helped by other kids being on it. She was probably the youngest there, but she also seems to have inherited our shyness (possibly a double dose of shy genes).
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