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BB Piano
Just to finish off yesterday. We spent the rest of the day mooching around the house.

I played a bit more Dead Island, which I'm really enjoying. I've figured out the quest system vs. the map (when you select a quest it highlights the objectives on the map until you pick a different quest. If you want you can then use the in-game "satnav" to get to the quest, but you have to do this manually for side quests, or at least some side quests). I've got as far as being able to repair, upgrade, and create weapons, and have a heck of an arsenal (but no guns yet). I've also found some cars that I can drive, which works pretty well. I've been surprised by the specific nature of some of the missions, I was expecting go to Point A, get Thing X, return to Point B. Whereas some of the missions are much more detailed e.g. go to petrol station, find way into pump room, battle boss, turn on pumps, fill petrol can, put in car etc. The free nature of roaming around the island is much more fun that Left4Dead's linear maps, albeit Left4Dead still feels like the quality product (and less of a console conversion). Combat is also more fun than Left4Dead, it feels a lot less precise, but much more tangible (again, it's only melee weapons so far). It even has limited "Fast Travel" via maps, which was one of the frustrations with Deus Ex. The main negative point I remember reading about Dead Island is that it's rather small. I've already completed 15%, and based on the game so far I'd like it to go on for a while. The only new frustration I've discovered is the checkpoint save system, which only seems to save after major game events, hence I'm having to go back and complete side quests again. It needs a proper save system, as there's no fun in having to repeat things.

We went to the cinema around 9pm, which was slightly fraught because Amélie hadn't fallen asleep, and too much fuss was made about leaving. This meant she was very upset. Apparently she calmed down soon after, but didn't seem until gone 11pm. We got back around 12:30am. Her sleeping is all over the place, but this will be corrected when we get back to the UK.

In other news...

I'm concerned about Amélie's language skills. Amélie has picked up lots of Portuguese here, and is now speaking this in preference to English. Of course Amélie already spends most of her time with Lu, so is already speaking a lot of Portuguese and often speaking it in preference. My concern is to whether this will prejudice her at school, or even cause confusion at nursery. In one very rare care she is now speaking both Portuguese *and* English when she wants something, as per the video below. I'm sure that this will sort itself out, and she'll end up figuring out which language to speak when, and English will eventually dominate. But it's that usual parental worry that by speaking two languages we are in some way making life more difficult for her, and will slow down her ability to learn each language individually.

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I'm sure plenty of studies have been done into bilingual children. IMHO even if there is a tiny delay it is going to be far outweighed by the ability to speak two languages

It's one of those stupid worries I suspect, and it will hopefully all come good in the end...

I found this:

I think you'll find it an interesting read

Stop worrying, your daughter is perfect, she is learning language(s) well and will be advantaged by speaking two languages x

Ooh, that's a great read, and reassuring also. Thanks!

I have a friend who was born here in Aus but spoke only Latvian at home, she only learnt English at pre-school. She is completely bilingual and the English came easily because she'd hear it all the time in the street/on tv etc. I only speak Portuguese to my little one. I think she'll be fine with the English whens he has to talk to ppl. :) Amelie will be fine too! :) Especially as she has you speaking English and Lu Portuguese to her!

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