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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I'm certainly jinxed of late when it comes to sleep. OK, it didn't help that I napped briefly yesterday evening, but following that I couldn't sleep well. Ironically Amélie slept well, although the early morning's a blur.

Lu went out shopping late morning, so it was just Amélie and I. As always it was lovely to be with her, but it was tempered by this damn cold, as I still don't feel great; I still feel achy all over, have blocked sinuses, and a cough. I couldn't go to the birthday party this afternoon either because I'm feeling crap, so Lu and Amélie have gone alone.

While Lu was out shopping earlier she bought me a micro USB cable so I could jailbreak my Apple TV 2. I've been contemplating it for a few months now (with added motivation from steveeeee) and finally tried it this afternoon. I had to read several different sets of instructions to get the right combination of steps, and even then iTunes seemed to fall over at the end of the process. But it worked OK, and I was then able to install Xbox Media Centre (XBMC). It certainly looks nice, although has a handful of niggles, but don't all these things? At least I can use the Apple TV now for playing media. It has the huge advantage of a standby mode, which the Western Digital TV doesn't. It's also easy to switch between video and iTunes.

I spotted the Apple TV has Netflix support now. Lu already pays for LoveFilm, so my suggestion is that we cancel that and get Netflix instead. £6 per month for all the support it offers is ideal.

I've spent the rest of the afternoon watching Burn Notice, having got to Season 2 now. It's still not great, but it's watchable. I can't find anything else to watch at the moment, annoyingly, so this would suggest that Netflix is pointless for me at least.

The plan was to go out for dinner as it's our wedding anniversary today, but I just don't feel up for that either. Ugh.

Anyway, the Three Daily Positives (©zoefruitcake):

1. Lu and I have been married for 7 years, and known each other for 8.5.
2. Amélie slept all night.
3. I managed to jailbreak the Apple TV without destroying it.

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shame you were too sick for your anniversary dinner :0(

Ah well, I'm sure we'll find another time. This cold is annoying though :-/

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