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Film Review: In Time (2011)

In Time (2011). Written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Set in the mid 22nd century, genetic alteration has allowed humanity to become immortal. Instead of money, time has become the currency. People are only given time to live until 25, at which point they stop ageing, but they must earn more time to stay alive. Cities become divided by those who have more or less time, with the rich owning thousands of years. Amidst all this the time poor Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives with his mother, earning just enough time working in a factory to scrape by each day. Salas ends up saving a time rich man from a gang trying to rob him, and while Salas sleeps the man transfers over a hundred years to him, leaving just 5 minutes for himself. The man goes and sits on the ledge of a bridge, and although Salas wakes up he doesn't save him in time. This leaves Salas time rich, and questioning what he does next. In Time has a great underlying concept, and the comparison with Niccol's Gattaca is inevitable. Gattaca also had a great underlying concept, which was substantially improved by a great cast, along with oozing style. Unfortunately despite the concept, In Time has a mostly poor cast (particularly the stilted Timberlake, and the dull Amanda Seyfried), and little style. It ends up feeling like a mostly botched science fiction film. I'm left curious as to why Niccol made such a bad job of this, whereas Gattaca was a classic. Ironically In Time also feels overly long - a good 20-30 minutes could have been cut out of it to improve the pace at least. Those who can withstand the failings might find it worth a watch on a rainy day. 2/5 (Poor)

I can feel a retro review of Gattaca coming on...
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