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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: Chronicle (2012)
Chronicle (2012). Directed by Josh Trank. Set in present day USA, the film centres around three teenage school friends. Initially Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is a loner, who lives with his terminally ill mother and his abusive drunk father. He buys himself a video camera to document his life and the abuse. His cousin Matt (Alex Russell) insists he goes to a rave in an abandoned warehouse, and there he is asked by both Matt and his friend to film a peculiar hole in the ground. When they go into the hole they find something they are not expecting. Chronicle is supposedly shot entirely by Andrew using the video camera he buys, with some additional shots by a friend of Matt's. The hand-held element gets tedious after a while, although you learn to ignore it. Then the whole camera idea seems to go out the window at the end. The film would have benefited from removing this unnecessary complication. Also the characters are a little two dimensional and stereotypical, albeit not awful. The concept of the developing power is interesting, and has echoes of both Akira and a more grown up version Explorers. The special effects are a mix of reasonable and poor. Overall the story is reasonable and kept the film from faltering for me. I like the anti-superhero idea, or at least it takes a different path from traditional superhero films. Recommended if you can cope with the hand-held video and theme. 4/5 (Good)