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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Amazingly no wake ups again during the night from Amélie. She instead woke up around 5:30am. I can't remember whether I tried to get her to sleep more or not, although I have a feeling she did, slept until after 6am, and then Lu fed her.

It was great being able to spend the morning with her, rather than going off to work, with no time pressure. I wanted to go to Aldershot on the basis that Wilkinson were selling 2012 calendars for 50p. I took Amélie with me as (a) Lu wanted some time to get the house ready for the afternoon and (b) it was just nice to have some father/daughter time. The choice of calendars in Wilkinson was perhaps unsurprisingly abysmal. I got 3 calendars in the end: Dr. Who, one with anonymous (albeit lovely) British gardens, and one called "Ice Kingdom" (with penguins, polar bears etc.). I hoped Lu would be happy with one of these. Amélie spotted a plush Makka Pakka, so I got her that as well, as well as a bell-that-goes-ping for my bike (90p!), and an air freshener for the car. From there I walked around the shopping centre a bit, and spotted a shop full of knick knacks. It had a variety of those annoying "Keep Calm..." meme things, but I ended up buying Lu a shopping bag thing that had "Keep Calm, Buy Shoes" on it. From there I went to a card shop upstairs, and got a couple of helium balloons for Amélie's party. I was surprised to see the new(ish) part of the Wellington Centre was completely empty again. Sad for those who've had to close down shops.

I got back about midday, gave Amélie some lunch, had lunch myself, and then had a brief nap.

We'd arranged a very small birthday party for Amélie in the afternoon. Mum and Dad arrived after 2pm, and Ed, Ana, and Tom around 3pm. Mum and Dad had bought Amélie a big pack of Play Doh. Ed and Ana bought Amélie an electronic paint pot that teaches colours, and which is a fab toy. They all stayed until after 6pm, during which time we played lots, sang happy birthday, and ate birthday cake.

For me things felt tinged with sadness because Ed and Ana (and Tom) are definitely going to Canada. I had a hope they were going to change their minds, but it isn't the case. I'm very very sad about all this. I'm even wondering if we could move to Toronto, but it would be so complicated leaving here.

We've done some tidying up, but there's a bit more to do.

And a photo from today...

Birthday Table

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great standard of living in Canada, Toronto's nice

It does seem to be a nice place, but...

I at least would have to get a job there, presumably with a visa (and I don't have any special skills). I'd need to rent the house here, sell everything here (or store some of it). Then a few years on Ed and Ana might move again. No doubt Ed and Ana would make loads of friends - they've got a lot here already - so we'd just look like stupid hanger ons :-(

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