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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Twas a good night again. I think I went to bed around 10pm, and Amélie was up at 6am.

It was a little bit rush rush rush as we had to get ready to leave at 10am so (a) Lu could catch her train to London and (b) I was ready with Amélie to go to see Mum and Dad. We still managed to sneak in a bit of a lie in though.

Once I got to Mum and Dad's we headed off to Wisley. We had a fab day there, and didn't leave until nigh on closing time. Amélie was running around like a lunatic for most of it, and it was great just to see her having fun. Around 3pm she wouldn't walk any more, yet still tried to refuse going in the pram (she wanted me to carry her instead). After 2 minutes in the pram though she fell asleep. She slept all the way back to Mum and Dad's in the car.

Mum and Dad have been having computer problems, but other than turning their Chrome bookmark toolbar back on the rest was all OK. Their computer feels oddly slow, yet is running reasonable anti-virus. I may have to upgrade it to Windows 7 from a spring clean perspective.

From Mum and Dad's I drove home. I toyed with the idea of stopping off at the local supermarket for some essential food, but thought it better to get Amélie home for food and a bath. Her appetite has been very poor again today, and this continued all the way to dinner; all she ate for dinner was a bit of an apple. Still no real signs of an illness, except for a couple of frightening nappies, so perhaps it's a stomach bug. She drank loads at least around lunchtime.

We headed off to get Lu from the train station around 7pm. She had been to Camden and bought us both T-shirts, although had primarily done there to meet up with some Brazilian girl friends.

Now we're relaxing a little before bedtime. Barry and Jo are still scheduled for tomorrow.

Three pictures from today...


^The amazing greenhouse at Wisley. The tropical part played havoc with my cameras, but I got there in the end.

Amélie Running

^Amélie running around inside the greenhouse.


^One of the amazing butterflies.

All 63 photos from today are here at Flickr.

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Yep it was great. It felt relaxing, strangely, despite all the running around!

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