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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Was a so-so night. Amélie woke up at 3am, but she went back to sleep very quickly. She then woke up at 6am. I've felt half asleep most of the day, and went back to bed early on for another hour.

Lu went off to the gym at 10am, and took Amélie. They have a family swimming time Sunday morning. I cleaned the house, well the living room, dining room, and kitchen at least, and popped to the supermarket for some essentials.

Barry and Jo arrived around 11:30am. With Barry it's almost like I last saw him yesterday, as we just pick up and start chatting about things. In some ways the gap is good, as we have so much to talk about. Jo was lovely as always, and she's great with Amélie (well she does have three somewhat grown up daughters of her own). Before long it was 4pm, and Barry and Jo headed home. I was still feeling drowsy as hell, but Lu opted to have a sleep instead as she was feeling much the same. Perhaps we've got what Amélie has had the last couple of days? Not that she's been drowsy at all. Amélie's appetite is back to normal today, which is good.

Being with Amélie in a concentrated fashion for 2 hours has pretty much worn me out, and Lu has taken over again. I've ironed my shirts for the week, and may do some pre-emptive website work before I fall into bed.

Just one photo from today. Barry, Jo, and Amélie...

Barry, Jo & Amélie

I've been forgetting my daily summary emotion. Relaxing seems to sum up today, although is that an emotion? Oh well, who cares. Now if I only felt more rested...