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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: The Fairy (2011)
The Fairy (2011). Written and directed by Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, and Bruno Romy. Set in Le Havre, the film starts with hotel clerk Dom (Dominique Abel) riding on his bicycle through the rain to his job. Dom is on the late shift, and desperate to settle down for the evening, eat his sandwich, and watch TV. He is first interrupted by a foreigner asking for a room, then by a French lady (Fiona Gordon) also requiring a room who tells Dom she is a fairy. When he finally gets to eat his sandwich he doesn't realise the lid of the tomato ketchup bottle fell inside and it catches in his throat. He is on the verge of choking to death but is saved by the French "fairy" lady, who then asks if she can eat his sandwich. She tells him he has three wishes so he then makes a wish for a scooter, and after a literal foot massage from her he falls asleep. When he wakes up on the floor of the hotel lobby the next morning there is a scooter next to him, and a message to meet at a local cafe at 6pm. The Fairy is a charming film. On the face of it the story feels like a mixture of a Jacques Tati and Jean-Pierre Jeunet film, albeit with its own specific quirkiness. CG and expensive special effects are not the order of the day, and instead where required it employs the sort of effects you'd see in a Buster Keaton film, and possibly even more lo-fi. Abel and Gordon are fantastic as the stars of the film, and it's so refreshing to see some normal everyday looking actors. Ultimately for me it doesn't quite capture the highs of Jeunet at his best, but it gets close. Curiously there's no English language Wikipedia page for the film, or for Abel and Gordon, although this isn't their first collaboration. Recommended for those who think they'd enjoy some eminently silly French/Belgian comedy. 4/5 (Good)