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Film Review: Just Go With It (2011)
BB Piano
Just Go With It (2011). Directed by Dennis Dugan. The film is initially set 20 years before present day. Cardiologist-to-be Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) is about to get married when he overhears his fiancée talking about an affair she had the night before. He cancels his marriage plans, but then discovers while drowning his sorrows that he can easily pickup women in bars by pretending he's married. Fast-forward to present day, and the still single Maccabee has instead become a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and is still using the pretend-to-be-married trick to bed women. At an ex-client's party he meets the girl of his dreams, who then discovers his fake wedding ring and believes he is married. Maccabee then concocts a story that he's getting divorced imminently, although the girl of his dreams says she'll only believe him if she can meet his soon-to-be-divorced wife. Maccabee then bribes his office manager (Jennifer Anniston) into being his wife, which gets further complicated when her kids get involved, along with Maccabee's friend, and then a trip to Hawaii. Right from the off I should say that I'm a Sandler fan, and like most of his films. Just Go With It was a bit of an exception though. The quirky comedy is often more miss than hit. Anniston is unsurprisingly anaemic, and Sandler's initial love interest, Brooklyn Decker, is even worse. Nick Swardson plays a tedious and mostly unfunny supporting character. The only slight star of the show is Nicole Kidman, who plays a much hated unpleasant childhood enemy of Anniston (it seems to suit Kidman to a tee). The predictable plot is a semi-inevitability with most Sandler films, so that's an arguable side issue. The combination adds up to an odd vibe throughout most of the film. Non-Sandler fans will of course want to avoid this like the plague. Sandler fans will want to treat with care. 2/5 (Poor) (Lu liked it)