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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Another brief-ish entry as I'm on the iPad.

It wasnt't a great night. Amélie woke up at midnight, and was awake until 2am. The saving grace was that we went to bed around 9pm. Amélie woke up around 6am, and we had breaakfast booked for 7am. One plus point about the B&B: the shower is amazing.

Neither of us were feeling particularly great - still residual colds/coughs - so we had a rest for an hour or so, then headed off to Flamingo Land.

Flamingo Land itself was OK. Somewhat similar to Chessington, although not as good. It was also a bit chav-vy. I think the chav ratio goes up the further north you go. The main promblem was the weather, it was just too cold to enjoy it in the morning. The sun came out in the afternoon which helped a bit. They also hadn't made it very easy to take photos of the animals, in some places, and their wifi failed to work (and there was no data signal to speak of). I ended up not going on a sngle ride, as Lu went with Amélie on some of the small rides, and she went on roller-coasters while I took care of Amélie, not that I was really that fussed.

We've just got back to the B&B. Lu's cold has taken a turn for the worse, and my cough is getting annoying.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. We might drive home again in the morning as it's compatible with Amélie's naps. Plus the weather isn't great for being out and about, as proven today. I guess that was the risk taken with going somewhere in the UK in April.

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I thought FL was really chavvy too. But its certainly NOT a northern things. Everywhere has chavs

Fair point. Even Guildford can seem chavvy at times. Probably because they all seemed to be from Birmingham, Leeds etc.

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