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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Reviews: Grown Ups (2010)
Grown Ups (2010). Directed by Dennis Dugan. The film is initially set in 1978 when five school friends win a basketball championship. They then celebrate with their coach at a rented lake house where their coach tells them to live their lives in the same way they played the game. Switch to present day, and the five friends (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Kevin James) get together for the funeral of their old basketball coach, seeing each other for the first time since graduation. One of the friends rents the same lake house for the 4th July weekend, to spend time together with all their families. Despite my love of some Adam Sandler films unfortunately Grown Ups is a predictable weak effort, even by Sandler standards, and much like Just Go With It. And that's it. If you're a desperate Sandler fan you might get something from it, and/or if you liked Just Go With It. Otherwise best to avoid. 2/5 (Poor)