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Oh the irony... or is it just a horrible coincidence.

I know a girl who works for Autodesk Brazil. We've never met, but she's lovely. An architect. Totally my type, and I find her very attractive. We talked before on IM.

Suffice to say she IM'd me again today and we are just really clicking, flirting, even joking about coming to visit each other...

(lets face it, this isn't an everyday occurence for me)

... and I go to see Isabelle in 30 minutes. I feel confused and like a traitor! Aaaaaaagh :-(

Lets be realistic. I can't have a relationship with a girl in Brazil... can I?


I can't help but think of something an old professor at University told me. It was regarding jobs. He said if I got a job offer, however lousy, I should take it even if there was the promise of something better. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so to speak.
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