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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
Well this time things were kinda average really. We went to see Identity, and it turned out to be quite a weird film. It was pretty gory but I think Isabelle recovered.

There isn't an amazing chemistry between us, but I'm not sure if that's a language issue and/or just my perception and/or the way Isabelle works relationships (she seems quite shy). I'm used to intensity. On the plus side I certainly don't hate her, things are just bubbling along. We agreed to see each other again, but this time on one or the others home turf. We said we'd arrange it by phone. Not sure what else to say really.

It was strange speaking to Luciane earlier because of the difference I felt. I felt chemistry over IM with her, but I also find her very attractive. Why does she have to be so far away...

I'm not going to think about it too much. I will enjoy my time with Isabelle if she wants to continue, perhaps things will slowly accelerate. I'm hoping I can use this time to see if relationships can work in a different way, and learn some things along the way. Maybe my feelings and perceptions about relationships are wrong. I certainly don't have a good track record.

Lu (on the left)


And... muggins! :-)

I dunno. Maybe my heart isn't in relationships any more. Maybe Marian cured me once and for all...

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Boy, you take up my entire friend's page. Hahaha. (Not that I really care)

LOL sorry! If I'm boring feel free to delete me! :-)

I guess LJ, being my diary, is the place for my thoughts. And boy are there a lot of them!

Haha If I had time, I'd be writing in mine quite a bit as well. Also, I refrain from so many entries because all they would be is relentless bitching about some aspect of my life =)

Have you spoken to Luciane on the phone?
I know from personal experience that having great IM with someone doesn't mean you'll get on with them great in RL.  Luckily I only had to travel into London to find this out.  I thought I was in love with this girl too, but it wasn't to be.  exchange phone numbers, phone her up (bugger the expense, this is important!), and if you chat great, move to Brazil, permanent!

Well, I've always loved the sunshine ;-)

Yes, it's a thought (re. the phone). She said that she was intending to visit Europe this year anyway, and England as part of this. So we might meet on this basis. Eitherway I'm going to try and relax about the whole thing. I've spent too much of my life getting worked up about relationships that weren't to be, and I'm trying to learn from that.

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