The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Twas another early night, around 9pm. Amélie woke up around 5:15am. I gave her breakfast around 6am, and she had two bowls of shreddies. It seems there's another growth spurt afoot.

It was a relatively early start all round for a Saturday as I wanted to get to M&S around 8am. I took Amélie as well. The place we went to has a huge M&S and Tesco Extra, and amazingly I got a parent and child space. There were stacks of short sleeved shirts in M&S, so I found 3 that I liked and bought those. Slightly over the £50 Lu gave me, but not much.

From there we went to Tesco to buy a present for the neighbours' son, for his party this afternoon. Amélie wanted to get out the pram when we reached the toys, and I spent half an hour chasing her round and round the toy department. I couldn't see anything I liked, but further along the aisles I saw some extra toys, and there was a Thomas the Tank Engine thing that seemed ideal. I would have liked it aged 3/4 I suspect.

In the same place I saw a bus thing which has all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers, which seemed ideal for Amélie. There was also a recycling truck which I was very taken with at steveeeee's (and I'm sure Amélie was as well). I held off from buying it though. I also bought Amélie a couple of very cheap toys e.g. a ball. When I got back to the car I remembered that I hadn't got a birthday card for the neighbour, so went back, and saw that as fate that I should get the recycling truck as well.

(Mum gave me some money recently to spend on myself, but I mostly spent it on the above for Amélie and the neighbour)

Once home we had lunch and then headed off to the neighbours party. They were having a shared birthday with three other friends, and had hired part of a local leisure centre which had various inflatable things. One of these was a slide, which was like a nightmarish assault course to climb up. Lu only did it a couple of times, and said she couldn't manage it again. I went up there (with Amélie) almost ten times, and ended up with sweat dripping off my ears. Great fun though!

There was then further celebration elsewhere in the leisure centre, with some food, birthday cake, and then party games. We left soon after 4pm, and Lu wanted to pop into Camberley. We went there, Lu sorted what she needed, and we bought a birthday card for Dad. We finished off with dinner at Burger King. Amélie was crazy pretty much throughout, running around like a lunatic, and into everything.

Now we're back home, and Lu is giving Amélie a bath.

Three pictures from today...

On the Slide

^Lu on the slide with Amélie.


^Amélie among all the kids.


^And dancing at the end.
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