The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So it was a somewhat relaxed start to the morning, as we weren't leaving for Jo's until 10am. Surprisingly we were ready ahead of schedule, so left early. The drive down was wet but quick, and it must have been one of the quickest times yet. Or perhaps everything seems quick after York?

Dorset was as wet as Hampshire, if not more so, but we still had a blast inside the house. Around midday we headed off to the pub for Dad's birthday lunch celebration. It was a really pleasant place with great food, although Amélie wasn't interested in eating anything, and just wanted to run around. We took it in shifts following her. She managed to bang her head on the table, then on the car door.

When we got back to Jo's Amélie managed to bang her head on the dining room table as well. Sigh. She then wanted to take all her clothes off, which we acquiesced to. She also wanted to take off her nappy, but we stopped at that point. My sister is looking after baby chicks for school (she works as a Teaching Assistant), which hatched out at the beginning of last week. So we spent most of the afternoon cooing over the baby chicks.

Amélie was non-stop the whole afternoon, and only slept half an hour on the journey to Jo's. So we knew she would be absolutely shattered by the evening. We decided to hang on until 7pm and then leave, so she'd start her night off in the car, which seems to have worked so far.

The weather was grim driving back, and the car aquaplaned on the rather badly maintained A31 in Dorset. For a couple of moments I lost complete control, and thought we were going to be in serious trouble. Fortunately it recovered.

I grabbed some petrol on the way back, along with a pizza and some other bits 'n' bobs.

Tomorrow I'm off to Southampton to get my car serviced. I've got out the necessary cash, and am praying there's nothing else wrong with the car.

Mum and Dad

^Happy birthday to Dad, who's still as nutty as ever.

Sam & I

^My nephew Sam and I. Someone commented (again) today how much we look alike.

Amélie & Chick

^And Amélie and chick.
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