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The Stainless Steel Rat

Twas a mixed night. I had an early night, but Amélie woke up at 1am. Lu gave her a feed and she slept with us. We're getting towards the point where she's co-sleeping, but the bed ain't big enough for it! We all slept on (me more off than on) until around 7am.

We played with Amélie until mid-morning. Lu tried to get her to sleep but she wouldn't, so Lu went off shopping and I took her out in the car. I took her via the back roads to J3 of the M3, but she was still awake! I then took the same route back, but diverted to Farnham when she was showing no signs of sleep. Around Farnham she finally fell asleep, just after the 40 minute mark. I got home just after an hour later and managed to decant her into the cot, despite a couple of moments where she opened her eyes. It amazes me how kids can sleep through so much when deeply asleep.

Amélie woke up around 1pm in fits of tears. She was asking for Lu, who was still shopping, and for 10 minutes or so she was inconsolable. I called Lu and put her on speakerphone, which calmed her down a bit. I then gave her some lunch, and Lu arrived soon after.

Just after 2pm we headed off to Frimley Lodge Park, and coincidentally ended up entering the car park just behind steveeeee and family. We were on the first train fairly quickly. The weather was pretty rubbish for May, but it wasn't awful (just a bit cold, and spitting very lightly with rain). At least it kept most people away, so it was relatively quiet. Lu and Hayley stayed behind to take care of the pram for the first train ride, so then we swapped and stayed behind while they went on with the kids. From there we went to the nearby playground, and spent a good hour there. Then it was back for a final train ride, and we decided to leave our stuff there and all go on. Most of this was interspersed with brief visits to the Basingstoke Canal, which is right next to the railway.

Around 5pm we all headed home. Lu and I weren't sure what to eat, so ended up stopping for Chinese. My weight is slowly creeping up, which is no great surprise. I'm back to being hungry all the time, combined with a capacity to eat loads. If I could afford it I'd be tempted by gastric band surgery in Brazil, before I get really big.

After dinner I edited and uploaded my photos, and then gave Amélie a bath.

Much like yesterday it was another happy day today. It's great to be able to spend time properly with Amélie, and even better with lovely friends.

Three photos from today...

On a train!

^steveeeee & Sons on the train.

Throwing Stones!

^Amélie discovered throwing stones into water (the canal) for the first time, and much happiness was had.


^On the swings. Amélie loves swings, and frequently asks for "more push!".

All 28 photos from today are here at Flickr (technically 2 are from last week).
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