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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Another early night, and this time Amélie woke up around 5am. She didn't sleep much more though, so we were all downstairs after 6am.

The Bank Holiday was much welcomed this morning.

The early morning was mostly playing with Amélie. I recorded her saying "Cup 'o tea", and converted that into an iPhone sound. The late morning she had her nap and I managed to get part 1 of the website work done. Part 2 I'll either do tomorrow, or after I've taken Lu and Amélie to the airport on Wednesday.

After lunch Amélie and I went to Mum and Dad's, to give Lu a chance to finish most of the packing. We had great fun at Mum and Dad's. I finally got to record my LP, despite a misbehaving headphone adapter. Around 4pm we headed off to Squire's, a local garden centre which is full of things for Amélie to see. They feed the Koi Carp and goldfish at 4:30pm, and there was a big crowd there. All the kids were given fish food, and Amélie loved it. I availed myself of the excellent pic 'n' mix, plus they also have Jelly Belly.

From there we went back to our house, and Mum brought a pre-made casserole, which was lovely. Lu and Mum gave Amélie a bath, while Dad and I watched Star Trek.

Much like the rest of the weekend a happy day, albeit with a bit of anxiety still.

In other news, I was amazed to see my weight still just over 105kg this morning. I've been so damn hungry, and given in to my appetite lots. Sometimes though the weight gain can be delayed a couple of days :-/