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Shucks. Where can I buy a fathers day card at 7am on a Sunday morning.

I guess my Dad won't buy the "we are just adhering to imperialist traditions and that's why I didn't get him one" line.

My Mum told me the other day when they were on holiday Dad just came out and said "Mark is really like me in a lot of ways". Mum said she was rather dumbfounded as she thinks we are very different. I guess her flabber was ghasted as she didn't pursue it.

In other news there seems to be a particularly high fuckwit percentage on the forums I visit atm (maybe it's the fullish moon). Just because someone knows more than them they feel the need to make some caustic comment. Jealousy is a particularly useless emotion.

And in other other news, in the cold light of day I don't think things were that awful with Isabelle. We talked the whole time and it was fun. It beats my normal "staying indoors by myself" thing for starters. It doesn't have that giddy falling in love thing, but who knows what will happen. Maybe I'm too old for all that... but I hope not! :-) Anyway, that is all.
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