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Film Reviews: Prometheus (2012)
Prometheus (2012). Directed by Ridley Scott. The story starts at some unknown time on the Earth, many millions of years in the past. An alien spaceship lands and leaves behind a single humanoid. The humanoid drinks a strange liquid, and then in agony begins to dissolve, and falls into a raging river. The story then moves forward to 2089, where two archaeologists (Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) on the Isle of Skye discover some 35,000 year old cave paintings. Among the cave paintings are a peculiar map. Prometheus is certainly an ambitious film, and I was surprised by its ingenuity. By Ridley Scott's own admission it tries to create a backstory from a moment in Alien, albeit using further elements from the Alien series. For the most part I felt it succeeded. There is some great direction and acting, particularly Rapace and Marshall-Green, but also the scene stealing Michael Fassbender (who plays an android). Some of the effects are incredible, and the atmosphere (no pun intended) of an alien planet feels completely recreated. The score by Marc Streitenfeld is also very good, and for the most part fits well. I was surprised by how immersive the 3D was, and for once actually felt like it added something to the film. In terms of negatives: there were moments where it felt like less would have been more in respect of the story, and/or I would have tweaked the story slightly for better believability. I would also much prefer that Scott had made something completely original in terms of science fiction. Less important niggles were the quality of make up for Guy Pearce's, and the overall poor acting of the character. Also some of the CGI e.g. the opening sequence with the humanoid, looked fairly poor to me. Overall though I thought Prometheus was a fantastic film and story, but still short of Blade Runner. Inevitably recommended for science fiction action fans with a strong stomach. 5/5 (Excellent)

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Possible SPOILER comment for people who haven't seen it yet!

I didn't understand the beginning of the movie, with the human dissolving into the river. Was that an interpretation of the human race being created?

There's a lot of the film I didn't understand to be honest, even though it was an enjoyable watch.

Re: Possible SPOILER comment for people who haven't seen it yet!

Ah yes, that was the so called "Engineers". They created the human race from their own DNA, by "melting" it into the river. It then showed DNA rebuilding from the deconstructed DNA of the alien.

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